Dark Side of the Horse by Samson for November 24, 2010

  1. Large dd2
    zero  almost 12 years ago

    Live and lea…

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  2. Zippy56995996595959995956959599956956599569511111122222333333
    Hugh B. Hayve  almost 12 years ago

    I guess I should queue up the “falling off a cliff” .gif but I’m being lazy today.

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  3. Cracker
    S_T_F_U  almost 12 years ago

    Don’t worry, soon cell phone jammers will be required in cars so we don’t hurt ourselves while driving.

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  4. Missing large
    mjtemple  almost 12 years ago

    Once again…YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID!

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  5. Punky brewster23
    battycomic Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    @Radfish: Actually that’s “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”.

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  6. Blue  bird happiness
    hopeandjoy2  almost 12 years ago

    Walking and reading…..maybe not the way to go.

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  7. Wink
    DonVanni  almost 12 years ago

    Don’t worry, we’ll soon have the Tea Party to save us from all that.

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  8. Calvin and hobbes rofl
    never_use_spaces_  almost 12 years ago

    Do you seriously need to have a sign that says “eating this cup is not recommended” are people that stupid……

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  9. Nd2
    quanticobaby  almost 12 years ago

    Never, NEVER walk and read at the same time…

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  10. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    Good to the last drop.

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