Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia for November 25, 2021

  1. Beb avatar
    beb01  3 days ago

    Miles. most people them “wife-beaters” for a reason.

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  2. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  3 days ago

    Ninjas. There’s a spray for that.

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  3. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member 3 days ago

    Great, now everybody will think they’re the twins.

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  4. Michaelparksjimbronson
    well-i-never  3 days ago

    Doesn’t explain why he has pants with legs.

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  5. Picture
    Ellis97  3 days ago

    Kevin is too full of himself.

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  6. 2021 10 21  3
    therealblazewolf (RATS UNITED tm)   3 days ago

    kevin must master the gold belt to be a legit ninja.

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  7. Miltarycat
    Festahl  3 days ago

    Shouldn’t the Tank Top also get in his way? Not requesting he takes it off or anything.

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  8. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 3 days ago

    Dressing like my father

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  9. Fasseddie
    FassEddie Premium Member 3 days ago

    Kevin beats out most guys in his trailer park. In that he wears a shirt.

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  10. Watermelon avv
    car2ner  3 days ago

    Good rationalization for a kid who probably has very few shirts to choose from.And the punchline is funny

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  11. Donald duck2
    gmu328  3 days ago

    remember mom, if miles wasn’t friends with kevin he wouldn’t be as fun

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  12. Manachan
    rpmurray  3 days ago

    I thought Miles was supposed to be the brains of the outfit, but every so often he shows us how gullible he is,

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  13. Missing large
    lutzy5473  3 days ago

    Tauhid, You put out an awesome comic!!! It touches all of the things that I thought only I did as a kid! Like taking multiple choice tests in history!! Happy Thanksgiving Tauhid!!

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  14. Sea chapel
    6turtle9  3 days ago


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  15. Missing large
    christelisbetty  2 days ago

    The kids never saw Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo.

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  16. Smiley sun
    klesmiley_ Premium Member 1 day ago

    I just realized that Miles has cut off the sleeves of his shirt in that last panel.

    “Miles, why?”

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