Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia for September 25, 2021

  1. 1682106 inline inline 2 mel brooks master
    Can't Sleep  2 months ago

    There’s a whole lot of pain there.

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  2. Aaue7mbu7bfb5h4fi mjzdvelzvy7ayjshwx5wplz5mp
    rklynch  2 months ago

    That poor kid. That’s all I have to say….

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  3. Taz by abovetheflames
    danketaz Premium Member 2 months ago

    So far Dad’s crushed concert-going, ice capades, and now wrestling. What will these kids do for entertainment? Video games?

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  4. Nc201206
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member 2 months ago

    I hope this goes into next week, because it’s a pretty bleak ending.

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  5. 6bb13e58 cb3c 48af a666 62de44194956
    Pgalden1 Premium Member 2 months ago

    Nope…no tickets

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  6. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  2 months ago

    Kevin adjusts well to reality.

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  7. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  2 months ago

    What, no! Wrestling isn’t fake! You take that back, Kevin!

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  8. Image
    Olddog1  2 months ago

    Can Miles’s dad take them?

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  9. Picture
    Ellis97  2 months ago

    Please don’t cry, Kevin.

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  10. Missing large
    golfgranny47  2 months ago

    The sadness continues!

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  11. Snoopy laughs
    HappyDog Premium Member 2 months ago

    Dissapointment builds character, I’ve heard. And sometimes leads to a surprise ending.

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  12. Missing large
    Zumtahk Premium Member 2 months ago

    Still the best comic out there

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  13. Bits2
    Diat60  2 months ago

    Even if someone else takes them, Kevin’s feelings for his father have been irrevocably damaged. Sad.

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  14. Death from above reduced size
    donwestonmysteries  2 months ago

    Fake but entertaining: if you are 12.

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  15. Missing large
    Znox11  2 months ago

    The end of innocence.

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  16. Quitn
    DukeDiamond  2 months ago

    Oh, Kevin. Been there, man. <3

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  17. Smiley sun
    klesmiley_ Premium Member 2 months ago

    And look at Miles. He’s hurting for his friend. :(

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  18. Barnae in ranger
    TonysSon  2 months ago

    Having a “No Show Dad” has to hurt. But Kyle being right just adds salt to the wound.

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  19. Missing large
    ratton8  2 months ago

    Wait, since when did he even have a job? Didn’t he collect disability and repair old landmines as a paying hobby?Okay, maybe he picked up something since the divorce, but still.Y’know, I’m not a parent, and I get that there are difficulties that someone outside that position will never understand. I know.But it sounds like he just doesn’t want to bother taking his kids to stuff, and has the audacity to make promises that he should know by now he won’t keep. (Once is an accident. Twice is unlucky. Three times is a pattern, and this man fails at life.)

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  20. Avatar
    weatherford.joe Premium Member 2 months ago

    That hurts.

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  21. Test01b
    LawrenceS  2 months ago

    Know a couple guys like the dad… One, I think, is a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain. The other I regard as a well-intentioned incompetent who means well but is unable to follow through on his promises.

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  22. Missing large
    daisypekin01  2 months ago

    At least the father called, many just don’t show up.

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  23. Groucho3
    Barnabus Blackoak  2 months ago

    how can you have the same 3 dot birthmark in the same area on BOTH sides of your head ?

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  24. Printscreen 1
    me_the_polish_gull  2 months ago

    Prediction for the next week: Miles’ Dad takes the boys to the wrestling match.

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  25. Bill murray drink
    Eric S   2 months ago

    time for mom to step up and take them

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  26. Missing large
    timothyslevin7  2 months ago

    The look on Miles’ face is one of compassion; a true friend. This is such a great strip!!!

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  27. 8ee9b2bb 1c55 4c89 bb1a 4f73ab931a45
    Julian Dieter  23 days ago


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