Before we begin with the verified No. 1 Most-Read Comic (MRC) of 2017, I would like to apologize to our readers. On January 24th, we reported that the No. 1 MRC of 2017 was the poignant July 16, 2017 installment of "The Comic Strip that has a Finale Every Day." We were wrong.

It became clear last night that long-time editor Clive Butterbather had either manipulated the analytics or read the results in reverse.

When confronted with this, Mr. Butterbather fled ... knocking over a copier as he ran toward the exit.

Mr. Butterbather has since been terminated from his employment here. And while he alone is responsible for the error, people are saying that I must also take some blame. It is true that I let Mr. Butterbather file the item without the normal editorial scrutiny, but maybe it was because I wanted it to be true.

Yes, that's right. I love "The Comic Strip That Has a Finale Every Day" and I hope that even though it had the briefest of moments at the top of the comics summit, that perhaps its newfound exposure will bring it the readership and accolades it so richly deserves. Viva La John "Scully" Scully!

Now onto the real No. 1 Most-Read Comic of 2017. It's the August 26th "Sarah's Scribbles." If you haven't read Sarah's Scribbles, you simply must. Sarah's Scribbles has it all: laughter, heart, soul, 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Our pals over at Andrews McMeel Publishing have published two best-selling collections of Sarah's Scribbles and if you've ever seen Sarah Andersen signing at a convention booth, you know her fans are many and passionate. Congrats, Sarah!