Ah yes, let the sweet, pungent smell of No. 2 inside your soul. For, 2017's second Most-Read comic was from none other than publishing and social-media sensation Nick Seluk. FWIW, Nick has a lot of gusto and he knows how to use it.

The Awkward Yeti is a feature that Nick started after he was rejected by the syndicates (including ours) to do a daily newspaper comic. Well, I guess Nick is the one laughing last ... because he's secretly addicted to nitrous oxide. Just kidding. Or am I?  

The Awkward Yeti has spun off a whole group of characters whose fame and influence can only be measured by a Richter scale.  Two of those characters are featured in this installment of The Awkward Yeti and they are his breakout stars ... Heart and Brain. 

Heart and Brain have a very successful publishing program with our pals over at Andrews McMeel Publishing and Nick and his team sell Awkward Yeti merchandise by the semi-tractor-trailer-full. 

I like to think that if we hadn't rejected Nick, he would never have become so successful. So you are very welcome, Nick. Very welcome, indeed.