Close to Home by John McPherson for September 12, 2021

  1. Abraxascircle
    abraxas  3 months ago

    Serves coffee! So dish me up some graham crackers with jelly, please!

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  2. 205902c7 40fb 4bbe 8c7e 79a7c01f3861
    jasonsnakelover  3 months ago

    Graham crackers without jelly are pretty good too.

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  3. 69d0b071 fa4d 4ec7 b51d 0862919e3c88
    soundcomm  3 months ago

    Pretty high prices for those items, if you ask me!

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  4. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  3 months ago

    Bananas with peanut butter definitely pulls my chain. Yum yum yum.

    Bummer, Bleeb still hasn’t mastered time travel.

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  5. Missing large
    stillfickled Premium Member 3 months ago

    Cheetos and mustard? No, thanx.

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  6. Shilo s first year 002  2
    MY DOG IS MY CO PILOT  3 months ago

    A joke in my family is that I like food with my ketchup as I like a lot of it with 99% of I eat, but even I wouldn’t have ketchup with an English Muffin.

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  7. Missing large
    Doug K  3 months ago

    Does Dad have the recipes for all of these entrees written down?

    Are they kept in a secret vault?

    Is Dad experimenting with some new combinations?

    Warning to Parents of young children: kids may try to copy these entrees at home.

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  8. Snoopy
    Pedmar Premium Member 3 months ago

    Sardines with kimchi

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  9. Mc avatar
    flyertom  3 months ago

    What? No Tang sandwiches?

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  10. Helmthumb2
    Mighty Phavahg  3 months ago

    Beans, still in the can. $1.50. $2 if you want a spoon.

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  11. 77b4e956 2364 4def 8871 c12621995a69
    Zebrastripes  3 months ago

    Today’s Special: Toast crumbs with a side of canary eyelids…

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  12. Missing large
    biglar  3 months ago

    “Bread w/ an egg on it” – Toast that bread and put some peanut butter on it and that’s what I’m having for breakfast this morning! (I’ve been accused by my 4 teen/adult children of being “a Dad.” It may be true. :) )

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  13. Thumbnail img 0108
    Jeffin Premium Member 3 months ago

    My dad liked anything left over from dinner. All stodged together. He was an artful stodger.

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  14. Ugly poor
    Prey  3 months ago

    My dad was a better cook than my mother. Unfortunately he rarely did it.

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  15. Missing large
    JRobinson Premium Member 3 months ago

    Hmmm… most of these sound okay!

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  16. 66557957 8a1c 4155 ae4f b3dc0150b294
    Dobie  Premium Member 3 months ago

    No more of those pesky ‘ol 2011 reruns for us! Set the WayBac machine Sherman, we’re traveling back to 2005.

    I’m gonna start reruns of old comments!

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  17. Donald duck2
    gmu328  3 months ago

    My dad was a little more substantial … as long as it had SPAM in his meals

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  18. Fb img 1509486198333
    e.groves  3 months ago

    Scrambled Pop tarts?

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  19. Missing large
    wongo  3 months ago

    Left out whipped cream in the squirt can!

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  20. Hqdefault
    spaceagesoul  3 months ago

    What’s odd about boiled hot dogs?

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  21. Missing large
    Jim2g  3 months ago

    Even bleep wouldn’t eat there

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  22. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Finally. A restaurant that really servers home cooking. I’ll bet I could get tuna fish cheese macaroni there. It’s great with a glob of mayo mixed in.

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  23. Anim chromosomes
    chromosome Premium Member 3 months ago

    A lot of those sound like how I still eat, though I tend to do the improvising with healthier foods now… still some pretty weird combinations based on what I still have sitting around and how fast I can make it.

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  24. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 3 months ago

    Don’t forget the entree: can of sardines in mustard with a side of pork n’ beans on toast.

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  25. Kay touched up
    kaycstamper  3 months ago

    They all look happy, they’re used to it!

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  26. Missing large
    sandflea  3 months ago

    All the basic food groups.

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  27. Image002
    hsawlrae  3 months ago

    Scrambled Brains.

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  28. Missing large
    geese28  3 months ago

    Scrambled pop tarts has my attention for some reason….

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  29. Large bearfront
    paranormal  3 months ago

    Lazy Dad…

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  30. Cubic space
    mpolo11 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Whoa. Bread with an egg on it. I’ll to try that when I’m inspired.

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  31. Missing large
    rodjen1  3 months ago

    Expensive place to eat, too.

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  32. 20211101 125120
    scote1379 Premium Member 3 months ago

    My Father used to fry up split Red Hot Dogs served up on sliced white Bread with mustard !

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  33. Stinker
    cuzinron47  3 months ago

    I might try some of that stuff, especially the pickles and chips, if it weren’t for the prices.

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  34. P1020186
    Jujeebean Premium Member 3 months ago

    Toasted bread with an egg on it is still one of my favorite things. Nowadays it usually includes hot sauce and cheese.

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  35. Missing large
    raybarb44  3 months ago

    There is definitely honesty in that menu with some Dads. However, many of us are really everyday good cooks and not just bar b que Dads….

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  36. Photo
    NatureBatsLast  3 months ago

    How about a plate of pancakes for only $14.99? Real price in just a diner.

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  37. Missing large
    garysmigs  3 months ago

    mashed doritos in a bowl covered with pace medium picante sauce…

    eaten with a spoon!

    only heaven can compare…

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  38. 5b1fe21f 9d78 4f26 83b0 5959b4af632b
    Lightpainter  3 months ago

    This looks like “ Stoned Dad Diner”.

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  39. Wb
    mwksix  3 months ago

    Scrambled Pop Tarts= Tas Propt!

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  40. Rocketman a
    Ed Brault Premium Member 3 months ago

    Hey! No peanut butter on toast?

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  41. Wordpress avatar
    Laurie Stoker Premium Member 3 months ago

    I think the best deal is the pretzels with root beer is the best deal. It’s the only meal that comes with a beverage.

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  42. Yellow submarine
    spaced man spliff Premium Member 3 months ago

    Gimme a break fellas. I’ve gotta fast today in preparation for a medical procedure mañana.

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  43. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  3 months ago

    My Dad used to make us pancakes on Sunday morning in the shapes of U.S. states. Funny how he never told us which state it was until after he poured the batter. :)

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  44. Jen couch
    Karptaz  3 months ago

    glad my dad didn’t cook like that

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  45. Missing large
    mrsdonaldson  3 months ago

    Graham crackers with jelly, please. Sounds yummy!

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  46. Widdershins mask
    Widdershins  3 months ago

    Some of those items actually would work. :)

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