Clay Jones for January 21, 2020


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  1. Missing large
    rekam Premium Member 3 months ago


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  2. Af974ddf 8afb 4b1c 859e 8bb9cf064fd1
    Zebrastripes  3 months ago

    Nothing seems kosher here…..coo coo coo choooo

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  3. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 3 months ago

    And, since Pompeo claims to know NOTHING about it, you KNOW that he’s the one who authorized it! That’s the norm for the chump’s “Administration”: Whatever ANYONE says, the opposite is true!

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  4. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member 3 months ago

    This revelation.. should put a little fear in all the American ambassadors… seems they have little (none?) security if they are on the wrong side of trump.

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  5. Agent gates130516four
    Rad-ish says, posting No Ambiguity on Sherpa Premium Member 3 months ago

    Trump’s buddy Hyde’s E-mail mentioned how the Ukrainians will do anything for money, hint, hint.

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  6. Missing large
    retpost  3 months ago

    All he had to do was fire her but that was too simple.

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  7. Missing large
    Ally2005  3 months ago

    Pompano the puppet is just another worthless loser hired by the loon in Chief explicitly to carry out the loon’s bidding.

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  8. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  3 months ago

    Pompeo went from being first in his class at West Point to average decency in Li’l Donnie’s administration—which of course, means, NO decency. (Some members are even lower than that: fer instance, there’s this one orange dude who wears dead animals on his head who has committed multiple rapes……….)

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  9. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  3 months ago

    Hey, Trump wanted the Ukraine to investigate corruption….

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  10. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma Premium Member 3 months ago

    It’s called treason

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  11. Image
    SukieCrandall Premium Member 3 months ago

    Have you seen Dershowitz’s book on why Trump should not be impeached? He actually says that Trump could allow Putin to grab away Alaska due to it formerly belonging to Russia and that offense would not be impeachable.

    He also ignores that Article II, section 4 of the Constitution, after naming specific reasons for impeachment then gives flexibility by mentioning “other high crimes and misdemeanors”. In fact, without those words Clinton woould not have been able to be impeached (though the limits of the legal definition of sex caused him to be found innocent). The reason Dershowitz wants to ignore those words is to disarm the obstruction charge, of course, given that the entire nation witnessed many incidences of obstruction by Trump.

    Oh, and he further wrote that tyrannical actions are not cause for impeachment.

    See: ( )

    Of course, the Government Accountability Office DID say that Trump committed a specific crime.

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  12. Missing large
    seamusrmacdonald  3 months ago

    What the hell is this about? The cartoon I mean.

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