Chip Bok for April 08, 2021


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  1. Pat new 150
    Patjade Premium Member 3 days ago

    Golf has always been one of those “elite” sports.

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  2. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  3 days ago

    It would have been far too hard to reschedule the Masters. Will see what a year brings.

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  3. Snl mrbill doll
    claudio645  3 days ago

    I’m waiting for one of these cartoonists to come right out and say there’s nothing wrong with instituting racist policies in order to cheat in an election. That’s really what these laws are, an attempt to rig the system in their favor which true patriots should be against especially after January 6th.

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  4. Bd8757dd 99b6 4546 b69c f1d571714e69
    Tralfaz Premium Member 3 days ago

    I rarely agree with Mr. Bok, but he has a point here, the members of Augusta National are a who’s who of America’s wealthy and connected, if they were to speak out, it could be a powerful statement.

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  5. Missing large
    thebashfulone  3 days ago

    Question: Is the Commissioner of Baseball truly a member of the Augusta National course? In other words, is there even a hint of truth to this?

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  6. Celtic tree of life
    mourdac Premium Member 3 days ago

    The Masters tournament is held by a private club, it’s not the same as Major League Baseball. The Masters finally admitted their 2 women members in 2012 and first Black member in 1990. The club took a mulligan on the voting issue, not surprisingly.

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  7. Warning
    MontanaBill Premium Member 3 days ago

    The Master’s is smart enough not to shoot itself in the foot for nonsense.

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  8. Missing large
    guyjen2004  3 days ago

    The people who support voter ID laws are the majority, nationally. The numbers in favor of ID in GA are even higher.

    If republicans think that voter ID requirements are more likely to keep minority or other traditionally dem voters from voting, they’re at least a couple decades behind the times. A poor white person in GA is just as likely to not have an ID as a minority – that is to say 99% of voting age folks have ID.

    Lack of ID is not going to suppress voting. So requiring ID for absentee ballots isn’t really an issue. Allowing absentee ballots without requiring a reason, which is what the law now allows, is a win for voting rights, isn’t it? Before this law you needed a reason. Basically they’ve just allowed mail-in voting for anyone who can prove they are who they are by providing an ID (which virtually everyone has). What problem? Vote from home so you don’t have to worry about packing your own water, or walking 40 steps to get one if the poll workers aren’t passing them out quickly enough for you. Also, isn’t it racist to think that black people are disproportionately harmed by the “water rule”? Are they somehow less capable of bringing their own water than others? Dems have been insulting African Americans in this way for decades. Some of them have noticed.

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  9. Missing large
    grange  3 days ago

    Augusta National is a private Georgia business. They can’t just pick up and move, and they’re not going to cancel their biggest money maker to prove a point. On top of that, being a hotbed of wealth and power, they might be ok with the voter suppression act. Being a privately owned business, that’s their choice. You can always boycott the Masters.

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  10. Picture4
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member 3 days ago

    Everyone is sick and tired of right wing racism.

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  11. Missing large
    ferddo  3 days ago

    Conservatives used to demand that businesses be allowed to make their own decisions without political influence. But now conservatives demand that businesses make decisions that fall in line with conservative platforms – even if those platforms endanger the business’s income due to conflicts between those platforms and its workers and customers. And if those conflicts cause businesses to lose income, we won’t see the conservatives providing any remedy – all they will do is point fingers at their opposition.

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  12. Smokey
    Zuhlamon Premium Member 3 days ago

    Republican legislators and their cronies have removed all the Coca-Cola from their offices, in response to criticism from that company.

    So much for that “Woke” and “Cancel Culture” crap, huh Chip?


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  13. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 3 days ago

    Don’t you just hate it when a state tries to pass laws requiring proper identification for something as important as a US election?

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  14. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  3 days ago

    Boycotts are never complete, and they’re not a very sharp tool. But they sure do get everyone’s attention when they’re done right!

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  15. Missing large
    T Smith  3 days ago

    The Masters is a privately run invitational tournament specifically held at that golf course. It’ not an event rotated among venues like the U.S. Open or PGA Championship, or the MLB All-Star game, for that matter.

    The MLB commissioner would have no say in whether or not the Masters would be moved to an alternate location.

    Additionally, Augusta National, a notoriously private club with limited membership, has a long and notorious history of “Southern Conservatism.”

    “The Masters, first played in 1934, didn’t extend an invitation to a Black competitor until 1975. The club didn’t admit its first Black member until 1990 and didn’t offer membership to women until 2012.” — New York Times

    And Charlie Sifford was twice denied participation, in 1967 and 1969, despite meeting the requirements (in this case, winning a PGA Tour event in the preceding year.)

    So the two really are not comparable.

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  16. Image
    MuddyUSA  Premium Member 2 days ago

    Well, here is another “spin” on so called racist policies to cheat on elections! Yet, they are all one sided, imagine that!!!

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