Chip Bok for September 14, 2015

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    grayputer  over 7 years ago

    Oh please. As an Independent voter that follows politics, this president got a vote that allowed him to fast track this. That is constitutional. The result of that vote was known to both parties, unless congress overrode things, any deal he got would pass. So either, 1 – the Republicans® were incredibly stupid, OR 2 – they knew they needed a deal (sanctions were not working, progress was still being made) and preferred to set it up so they could get one and still complain about the Democrats (D) and president to their base (any any other voter they could get to believe it).

    I prefer to think option 2. R is now just playing normal politics. Why else would they let a bill pass (could have filibustered) that would automatically let any deal go through (because they trusted Obama to get the best deal? really?).

    So let’s be honest, nothing unconstitutional, nothing bizarre, just politics. Another case of R blaming D for what they knew would happen.

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    Snarky  over 7 years ago

    When is a treaty not a treaty? Just ask Big Brother, by which I mean our political masters, Republicans and Democrats alike.

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