Candorville for April 16, 2018


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  1. Missing large
    Argythree  5 months ago

    It isn’t people who didn’t worry about someone who doomed us. It’s people who didn’t (and don’t) bother to vote, because they think the alternative is just as bad, DARRIN/LEMONT!

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  2. Missing large
    Mac S  5 months ago

    Which ones? The scandals they say about Trump or the scandals used to try to keep him out of the WH?

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  3. Missing large
    imnotreal  5 months ago

    Well I’ve got news for everyone out there, Trump doesn’t conform to standard protocol, he isn’t going to act the way they wish he would and because of that, the following items just might not have happened..

    . North Korea agreeing to talk about de-nuclearizing their country.

    . China made concessions to trade.

    . Unemployment down at the lowest time in 18 years.

    . Jobs for Blacks & Hispanics at the highest level in 12 years.

    . Tax reform completed.

    . ISIS has been decimated in Iraq and Syria.

    . The nation’s economy and stock market soaring.

    . With the tax bill, hundreds of businesses are coming back to the US and hundreds of billions of money from off shore accounts are being brought back to the Nation’s economy.

    . Governments throughout the world are realizing that Trump isn’t a push over like what we had during the Obama presidency.

    .The bottom line is, Trump is saying what he means and means what he says, something that doesn’t conform to what all of the liberals want in a president, He doesn’t conform to the Standard protocol and because of that, items have gotten done in the past year that no one thought would ever happen.

    .For evil to triumph, good men only have to do nothing.

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  4. Giphy
    Olongapojoe GC Insider 5 months ago

    Lemont, it’s all about who those people ran against. Nixon had Hubby Humphrey and McGovern, Regan had Carter and Mondale, Obama had Old fart McCain and Romney, and lastly Trump had the unlikeable Shrilly Clinton. If the opposing party puts up someone with zero appeal on the opposite side, they are doomed to lose.

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  5. Ahl13 3x4
    Andylit GC Insider 5 months ago

    Just frisk her again. You’ll feel much better.

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  6. Missing large
    benthere7  5 months ago

    …priorities…people need to get involved with elections. Make it a priority that he/she votes, it’s a responsibility.

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  7. Missing large
    benthere7  5 months ago

    …fact is over 62 million adults thought that having a misogynistic liar, failed business man, who couldn’t get financing from a U.S. lending institution, 6 corporate bankruptcies, was sued 3,500 times, Trump university fraud verdict, couldn’t get a gambling license in Las Vegas, gives more cause to ponder than anything else.

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  8. Missing large
    benthere7  5 months ago

    …Democrats kneecapped Bernie Sanders because they wanted Hillary Clinton and many Bernie supporters were disillusioned and failed to vote…most were young and naive.

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  9. Lexi with her grandpa 2
    David Huie Green  5 months ago

    You can’t get rid of a man who has no shame. Didn’t work on Bill Clinton, won’t work on DJT.

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  10. Pc240007
    edreajr  5 months ago

    I always vote. Sometimes, though, it’s for the lesser of two evils.

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  11. Missing large
    booga  5 months ago

    Trump is too stupid to resign, so he will have to be impeached in both Houses of Congress and FORCIBLY removed.

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  12. Tor johnson
    William Bednar GC Insider 5 months ago

    They must be joking. As long as Trump’s die hard supporters back him, he will win the next election.

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