Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for May 22, 2022

  1. Earl clipart
    dadthedawg  3 months ago

    Calvin’s a dead ringer…..

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  2. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY  3 months ago

    “…what dreams may come”

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  3. Missing large
    codycab  3 months ago

    When did Calvin get an alarm clock???

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  4. Missing large
    Charles Barr Premium Member 3 months ago

    Calvin’s having an alarming day!

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  5. Ataridragon
    AtariDragon  3 months ago

    That is to my dreams as baseball is to Calvinball.

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  6. Missing large
    David_the_CAD  3 months ago

    I have had many dreams like that. Now that I wake up to the radio, I can have even stranger dreams.

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  7. Ava2
    C  3 months ago

    Thwarted dreams

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  8. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  3 months ago

    Your next stop…The Calvin Zone!

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  9. Bluedog
    Bilan  3 months ago

    You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you dream about falling asleep in class.

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  10. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  3 months ago

    I never had my own alarm clock as a kid, just a yelling parent.

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  11. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member 3 months ago

    Dreams within dreams within NIGHTMARES.

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  12. Missing large
    Susan00100  3 months ago

    Is that Hobbes on the floor in the next-to-last panel??

    If so, he must have shrunk in the wash!!

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  13. Gocomic avatar
    sandpiper  3 months ago

    The red flagged comments above demonstrate once again the oldest measure of intelligence: the repeated use of certain words that indicate one’s limited IQ. In other words, slightly smaller than one’s hat size.

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  14. Missing large
    peb6006  3 months ago

    The cruelest ever

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  15. Missing large
    providencefarm24 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Please leave foul words out of comments.

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  16. Skype pic
    Wren Fahel  3 months ago

    I’ve actually had that happen. I hear something ringing & try to find the source of the ring. I pick up phones and “snooze” various clocks…until I wake up.

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  17. Avatar
    M2MM  3 months ago

    Don’t you hate it when that happens. :P

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  18. Red panda small
    Redd Panda  3 months ago

    Someone needs a dope slap.

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  19. Hopper oneal mini
    YippiKiAyMofo  3 months ago

    Adults have that same dream. Only the desk is different.

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  20. Missing large
    david_42  3 months ago

    Reminds me of the time I heard a smoke alarm beeping. That “every 30 seconds so you can’t figure out which one is doing it” beep. Turned out to be a spare in the bathroom linen closet.

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  21. Bun
    figuratively speaking  3 months ago

    I hate when that happens!

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  22. Citizens for a canadian republic
    A Hip loving Canadian...  3 months ago

    It’s going to be one of those days…

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  23. Missing large
    Steverino Premium Member 3 months ago

    Saved by the bell.

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  24. Citizens for a canadian republic
    A Hip loving Canadian...  3 months ago

    Wait until Calvin realizes that he’s still dreaming.

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  25. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  3 months ago

    why do i hear rod serling now?

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  26. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  3 months ago

    For those that are wondering, the commenters that are cussing and causing trouble are kids from the Big Nate comment section that have decided to be trolls in other comment sections.

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  27. Citizens for a canadian republic
    A Hip loving Canadian...  3 months ago

    It must be Monday in Calvin’s universe.

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  28. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  3 months ago

    Today, somewhere in Japan, you can probably buy an alarm clock that will call your cell phone, if you do not respond promptly. :)

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  29. Triscele
    txmystic  3 months ago

    Another depiction of me on a Tuesday…

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  30. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Stupid alarum clock.

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  31. Screenshot 20220626 113400 call
    sacas  3 months ago

    verified yet am i?

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  32. Pupil
    Ka`ōnōhi`ula`okahōkūmiomio`ehiku  3 months ago

    Oh, I FEEL that! Thanks for the snooze button.

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  33. Spinynorman
    liberalnlovinit  3 months ago

    Hobbes – Credit only…

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  34. Missing large
    nsr60  3 months ago

    You won’t see this many flags at the U.N.

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  35. Zakwolfoutdoors
    wiley207  3 months ago

    But did Calvin consider the continuous ringing could be the fire alarm? (That is, if the school actually still had old-style fire alarm bells.) I picture the ringing being THIS classic sound effect:

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  36. 20160720 184148 1
    Ultra Ammosexual Premium Member 3 months ago

    My Alarm went off at 3:45am for decades, moments of complete confusion.

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  37. Stick figure   running through banner 1
    wildwaverly  3 months ago

    I think we’ve all had that dream….or at least I have. :^)

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  38. 06 us2c ue24
    Sailor46 USN 65-95  3 months ago
    Pavlov’s dog has nothing on Calvin.
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  39. Missing large
    Olddog04  3 months ago

    I’m laughing at the comments, but the comic itself is absolutely hilarious. The best ones are the ones with no talking. This one is one of the best.

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  40. Hal2
    montylc2001  3 months ago

    I’ve actually had this happen, except I was dreaming I was already at work….

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  41. Screenshot 20220626 113400 call
    sacas  3 months ago


    You better hope for a more exciting dream tomorrow, Calvin!

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  42. Large d3ed7d26 3d7a 4071 934c 6e4b783fe168 4 5005 c
    MiriamYang  3 months ago

    you seem more glum in your dream, Calvin!

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  43. Swallowed a hockey stick
    Ceeg22 Premium Member 3 months ago

    I always hated that dream

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