Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for March 26, 2013


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  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 7 years ago

    I think you’ll go broke soon…

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  2. Bullwinkle1
    Montaholic  over 7 years ago

    This one really misses the mark because physicists come up with the coolest names. I think it’s a requirement for getting your theory accepted. Besides quark, and the names for the quarks – truth, beauty, charm – there’s supernovae, special relativity, general relativy, sub-atomic particles, positrons, string theory, big bang, lasers, quantum theory, leptons, quantum tunnelling, black holes, and cosmic background radiation. Scientists recently determined that the Higgs boson must exist because it’s name is too cool not to exist.

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  3. Samvadi fb
    in.amongst  over 7 years ago

    Physicists are much better than biologists – “Dark matter”, “quarks”, “photons”, “strings”, “Black holes” is something i can live with, But protozoa, ectoplasm, superior vena cava, et al. makes me shudder even today.

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  4. Minime 100x100
    Linux0s  over 7 years ago

    Working pre-press in print I generally don’t like to say Quark.

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  5. Old joe
    ratlum  over 7 years ago

    Boy this is way over my head maybe thats why they kept Latin around.need a fuzzy name to explain something you really dont understand ,use Latin.

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  6. Mister ed color logo square
    Mister-Edd  over 7 years ago


    Your comment got a big grin from me!

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  7. Cutiger
    rentier  over 7 years ago

    It’s something on with the Quarks, only Hobbes knows!!

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  8. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  over 7 years ago

    In my local supermarket, sour cream is labelled in several languages. One of them (German, I believe, though not sure) calls it “Quark.” Who knew.

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  9. Bignate 0315
    Saccharine-free Bakery  over 7 years ago

    Trekkies will know that there is a certain bartender called Quark.

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  10. Missing large
    JGordonFan24  over 7 years ago

    What goes quark, quark, quark and swims? A duck with a P.H.D. in Astrology.

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  11. Missing large
    caremedy Premium Member over 7 years ago

    Calvin needs to work with fruit flies. They come up with the best names for everything. A few examples:

    tinman (embryo with no heart)lilliputian (very small)luxh (a protein which mediates the response to alcohol)lava lamp hedgehogsonic hedgehogdisheveled

    And there are many, many more

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  12. Samvadi fb
    in.amongst  over 7 years ago

    that made my day!

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  13. Cheech
    joecomerford  over 7 years ago

    Had to look that one up…‘quark’ is a central European soft-cheese…not exactly sour cream:

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  14. Knighboy
    RickMK  over 7 years ago

    Dark matter is real in the scientific sense of existence: the best way so far to interpret the current data — not in the normal sense of reality meaning something that actually exists.

    It’s stupid the way some people think that truth can be found in science, which it never can be. Absolute truth is found in religion. Science can only arrive at the best explanation for the data that has been collected so far at the current moment. That is always in a state of change. So nothing in science can ever be called “true” is the strict sense of the word.

    The problem is that there are so many people who confuse religion with science, thinking that truth in religion changes (which it doesn’t) and truth in science is permanent (which is impossible).

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  15. Calvin and hobbes in the future
    Thomas Linquist  over 7 years ago

    So you say your Penny left you for Raj? (Well, it had to be said. Big Bang Theory rules.)

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  16. Missing large
    djmalloy  over 7 years ago

    I thought Hobbes would a scientific name like Panthera tigris.

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  17. Goldbeat
    ahnk_2000  over 7 years ago

    In addition to “quark”, Hobbes also likes to say “smock”.

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  18. Missing large
    jadoo823  over 7 years ago

    …and I’ll bet you married her just for the bazooms…

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  19. Missing large
    PoodleGroomer  over 7 years ago

    Bill Watterson was jealous that Gary Larson’s name was used in the scientific name of several insects.

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  20. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  over 7 years ago

    C’mon, Calvin, you at least have to like words such as “hypernovae” and “quasar”.

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  21. Snoopy pensive typewriter
    The Life I Draw Upon  over 7 years ago

    You forgot up, down. charm, strange, top, bottom, spin, flavor, color, … Hobbes should have got charm. felinus intelligesis

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  22. Masked
    Rickapolis  over 7 years ago

    And the sun revolves around the earth because WE are the center of the universe.

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  23. 20200824 003603
    Number Three  over 7 years ago

    Hahahaha… This made me laugh.


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  24. 03 head in universe
    Vonne Anton  over 7 years ago

    Pedantry alert: 4 – 5 % of matter is visible; 20-23% is dark matter; and a whopping 70+% is dark energy (according to the calculations), and no one knows what dark energy is! Go figure!

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  25. Image
    joylion  over 7 years ago

    Quark! What the quark!! Oh my Quark! Love it.

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  26. Steve1a  2
    JP Steve Premium Member over 7 years ago

    And two of the leading candidates for dark matter are WIMPS and MACHOS.

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