Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for January 16, 2012

  1. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  about 11 years ago

    I like this type of snow job and love the last panel.

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  2. Emerald
    margueritem  about 11 years ago

    That’s why a toboggan is great, but a luge is better!

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  3. Missing large
    kittenpah  about 11 years ago

    Never had a toboggan, but we had garbage can lids!

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  4. Missing large
    bahramthered  about 11 years ago

    How safety conscious can calvin be? He keeps a pet tiger that attacks him daily…

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  5. 08 6
    tegm  about 11 years ago

    haha, this is why I love Calvin XD

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  6. Cutiger
    rentier  about 11 years ago

    A hazard!

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  7. Willin 2
    bluskies  about 11 years ago

    True insight into the workings of a six-or-so year old mind; looks like fun, Let’s go for it! (Dang the 4 guidos; full speed ahead!!)

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  8. Aqualung
    cheap_day_return  about 11 years ago

    My younger brothers made their own sled, it ended up with nails sticking up thru the boards. 1st one down the hill hit a tree and a nail tore him a ‘new one’.

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  9. Missing large
    feverjr  about 11 years ago

    Enjoy it while you can…. “Rosebud.”

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  10. Accepting award cropped compressed bigger
    kbyrdleroy123  about 11 years ago

    Danger is their middle names.

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  11. Missing large
    frerrick  about 11 years ago

    Yep, I relate to that. We called them ’Hill Trolleys" though.

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  12. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member about 11 years ago

    If there’s a hint of danger in it, Calvin will do it. Hobbes will probably jump off the first chance he gets.

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  13. 5f3a242a feac 42cc b507 b6590d3039f7
    Plods with ...™  about 11 years ago

    " Wheeeee… Wheee wheee … wheeeeeeee! ".“Pure adrenalin” Wheeeeeeeee

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  14. Calvin and hobbes wallpaper by leyne
    Phapada  about 11 years ago

    but Cal must try befor Hobbes o.kay

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  15. Calvin and hobbes wallpaper by leyne
    Phapada  about 11 years ago

    just love Calvin so much to day

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  16. Picture 001
    rshive  about 11 years ago

    Especially down steep hills, where you can sometimes go airborne.

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  17. Img 0100 1
    Vinobbes  about 11 years ago

    Oh yes, I remember the suicide sled. I myself had a Philadelphia Flyer (fastest sled on the planet,at least in my little child mind it was) and would fly past me sledding friends on toboggans. Those were the days (when I was Calvin).

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  18. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  about 11 years ago

    This confirms that Calvin really likes to be mauled by Hobbes when he comes home from school!

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  19. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  about 11 years ago

    It’s dangerous! …’snow good!

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  20. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  about 11 years ago

    “This sled is truly a hazard to life and LIMB …especially if you hit a tree!

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  21. 9408scd
    George Arnold  about 11 years ago

    Reminds me of using food trays down a large hill from the dorm in college. You would be going at least 40 mph when you got to the bottom where it was full of trees and no way to steer. Some of us never grow up.

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  22. Papa smurf walking smiling
    route66paul  about 11 years ago

    I can find Colorado and 1st ave on google earth, but what happened to Colorado blvd? Maybe the 101 freeway?

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  23. Screenshot 20221220 144608 photos
    Number Three  about 11 years ago

    Calvin looks so cute when he’s wrapped up.

    So does Hobbes!


    LOL xxx

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  24. Pro pic
    witewater  about 11 years ago

    snow, crusted with frozen rain that turn the sledding surface to ice…. THAT’S a great way to sled

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  25. Missing large
    alfarojonathan00  about 11 years ago

    this brings me back, oh the sentimentality :)

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  26. Emerald
    margueritem  about 11 years ago

    yep, had one of those, too!

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  27. Kebukai jam session
    AStarofDestiny  about 11 years ago

    Man, I would love to go sledding about now!

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  28. Popeyesforearm image
    Popeyesforearm  about 11 years ago

    I have 2 scars on my right knee from a toboggan run gone wild in the 70’s. Was bringing all the empty beer cans down from the top of the suicide hill (Big Bear, CA.) stowed in the front of it with my legs outside. Did I mention I’m much more smarter now?

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  29. Abposterfin5701
    renewed1  about 11 years ago

    How did any of us survive our childhoods? No helmets, knee pads, cell phones, etc. Sure was fun, though.

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  30. Water lilies
    Sundancr121  about 11 years ago

    This reminds me of my childhood home. We were the only house on the street which went up in an incline most cars probably couln’t make. As you can guess, every winter friends, and other kids from around the neighbohood would use the street for sleeding, I saw it all, from innertubing to snowboarding, plastic sleds, to toboggans. My mother would always yell at us because once you hit the bottom, you were thrown out into the middle of the street with no warnings to cars. And if you kept going from there, you would wind up in the lake, I sup;pose we had the spirit of Calvin in us those days, lol

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  31. Missing large
    DerkinsVanPelt218  about 11 years ago

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  32. Princess celestia by blackm3sh d3fykd8
    fmasroor  about 11 years ago


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  33. Missing large
    khpage  about 11 years ago

    Looks like this is the new “Avalanche” model….

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