Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for November 28, 2011

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 12 years ago

    Yes, the title pretty much says it all.

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  2. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  over 12 years ago

    Tabloids are not news, Calvin.

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  3. 00160008
    Koolfunkygrrl  over 12 years ago

    Did he take that from a one of those tabloid newspapers?? I wonder how much trouble Calvin will be in from the teacher…..

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  4. Cat29
    x_Tech  over 12 years ago

    “GoComics Slower Than Molasses In Winter” @Dogsniff (and others)(Hint) Here’s a tip for GoComics subscribers (PROs). Once you have loaded your comic page and find a strip upon which you wish to comment (or read the comment of others) don’t click on the COMMENTS button. Instead do the following;

    Right click on the strip’s title and select Open in a new window from the menu.This will not speed up GoComics, however it may save you time as you’re not reloading your comic page. If the strip is slow in loading, you can go back to your comics or you have a comment in mind that just won’t hold still, you could switch to a word processor to compose it.

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  5. Missing large
    judy.palen  over 12 years ago

    Live on Faux News tonight!

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  6. Missing large
    rogue53  over 12 years ago

    Looks like Calvin gets his news from the Hot Sheets.

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  7. 008 6
    Elaine Rosco Premium Member over 12 years ago

    I wasn’t allowed to read THOSE papers Calvin.

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  8. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member over 12 years ago

    I didn’t think Calvin’s parents would go in for that tabloid trash.

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  9. Cutiger
    rentier  over 12 years ago

    Not much left to explain, oh, fine, go outside with Hobbes to play!

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  10. Hodag
    Cajtri87  over 12 years ago

    Is that a British paper or something? I was thinking National Enquirer.

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  11. Hobbes
    Hobbes Premium Member over 12 years ago

    Thanks, @x_Tech. Can you tell us whether GoComics is making progress addressing the problem? Yesterday the site ran OK early morning and late evening, but during the day it was the slowest many of us have ever seen. In general, during the past 2 weeks, it has been a lot slower than previously. So something has changed very recently. Will GoComics be increasing server capacity?

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  12. Picture 001
    rshive  over 12 years ago

    Calvin is all about family values—could have been “Space Alien Divorces Two-Headed Elvis Clone!”

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  13. Cernunnosherne
    Mitchtheone  over 12 years ago

    The Enquirer.. Yes as about as useful as fox news and as about as legitimate.

    Calvin the future agent for the Men in Black…. LMAO

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  14. Th foghorn leghorn icon 1
    Foghorn Leghorn  over 12 years ago

    @ x_Tech, I think too many comic lovers are on at the same time, the servers can’t handle it. :-(

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  15. Pro pic
    witewater  over 12 years ago

    Back in the ’80’s I heard it said that the National Enquirer will never let that facts stand in the way of telling a good story.

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  16. Missing large
    jnichols1948  over 12 years ago

    mitchtheone: truth!!… YOU can’t handle the Truth!!

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  17. Missing large
    tnazar  over 12 years ago

    @towerwarlock – why is there always one…

    This is about a comic strip – a really funny one – not modern US politics.

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  18. Br
    zerotsm  over 12 years ago

    Go comics was really bad yesterday (Sunday 27 Nov), but to day it is OK, it could also be because I’m looking at it late morning, not early AM when most people are on it.

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  19. Missing large
    dahawk  over 12 years ago

    Most of the lies, propaganda, and WMD stories came from Saddam himself. Problem is, the powers that be believed him or couldn’t take a chance that he was lying. Come to find out, he was just all talk which is typical of petty insecure cowardly dictators.

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  20. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  over 12 years ago

    I remember in a Creative Writing workshop, we looked at the headlines in such periodicals. The teacher pointed out how well they served to tell a full story and draw the reader in for more details in just a few words.

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  21. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  over 12 years ago

    @Number Six,Sultanas are ‘currant’ events. You’re raisin’ another subject.That’s a clever ‘wrinkle’!

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  22. Coffee turtle avatar
    coffeeturtle  over 12 years ago

    Those types of papers come in handy when you’re part of the M.I.B. (we be places you need not be) :-)

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  23. Carabao 1  751647
    whitecarabao  over 12 years ago

    You are ignoring the inconvenient truth of the hypocrasy, corruption, distort the facts, and “screw the people” attitude of the for right. I voted for the party of Lincoln and TR but got the party of Hayes, Harding, and Hoover. For shame!

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  24. Airbrush 20240305192116
    Number Three  over 12 years ago

    That sounds a interesting story, Calvin.

    Elvis always was a handsome man.. I don’t listen to his music but my mam is obsessed with him. I only like the " Viva Las Vegas" song. Only one I’ve heard.

    LOL xxx

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  25. Missing large
    MysteryCat  over 12 years ago

    What I do is go to “comics a to z” and search each comic individually—they come up right away.

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  26. Grok4
    grok450  over 12 years ago

    nice of Elvis to give up his DNA!

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  27. Missing large
    falcon_370f  over 12 years ago

    Tabloid, or Vegas newspaper, except what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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  28. Moaimike fern
    bamboodan  over 12 years ago

    If tabloids are not ‘news’, why do they seem to get the scoop on so many celebrities? And the frequent lawsuits which they often win? Does no one remember the wisdom from Men in Black?? Oh, the travesty!

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  29. Avatar
    garyhill  over 12 years ago

    You can tell a lot about a person by what they read first in the newspaper. Read the Comics first, you will live longer.

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  30. Kizzy
    fran650  over 12 years ago

    One “paper” is reporting the lifestyle of Lindsey Lohan, while the other is reporting on Barny Frank. Which of these is reporting current event ? And more important, which “paper” is more honest about what they are reporting?

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  31. Popeyesforearm image
    Popeyesforearm  over 12 years ago

    Can’t wait to see the baby from that one! 2 Fried peanutbutter/banana sandwiches with Martian goo on the side please!

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  32. Destiny
    Destiny23  over 12 years ago

    If’s not just tabloid writers who take a course in creative writing. The shack next door to me was for sale a year ago, and the real estate listing made it sound like a palace! Realators have to be good at writing fiction.

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  33. Missing large
    samuel46  over 12 years ago

    Please email me Calvin and Hobbes only,

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  34. Missing large
    khpage  over 12 years ago

    The kind of stuff printed in The New York Times could use some explaining as well. An explanation of how the alien met Elvis might take quite a while, I mean, what kind of lifestyle do you have to have to meet aliens?

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  35. With saturn  1
    Phosphoros  over 12 years ago

    Current events or current fantasy?

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  36. Calvin and hobbes wallpaper by leyne
    Phapada  over 12 years ago

    very lovely Boy’s

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  37. Calvin and hobbes wallpaper by leyne
    Phapada  over 12 years ago

    be crazy about the plot is full-flavoured go up ,

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  38. Missing large
    DerkinsVanPelt218  over 12 years ago

    Weekly World News-always a credible choice.

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  39. 3d green lizard 1280x1024
    Makso  over 12 years ago

    The fact that the topic even came up is saying something about the …editor of that paper.

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  40. Missing large
    burleigh2  over 12 years ago

    It would have been funny if he took an actual “current event” as this was from 1986… or if it was about a VCR or Beta-Max. ;-) LOL!

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