Broom Hilda by Russell Myers for November 08, 2019


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  1. Man with x ray glasses
    The Reader Premium Member 7 days ago

    Definitely didn’t do his homework!

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  2. Img 20190329 182327
    Nachikethass  7 days ago

    I believe it’s “slip-o-tongue-itis” in this case!

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  3. 1988 06 05edit
    awgiedawgie Premium Member 7 days ago

    Studying so you don’t have to go to school… there’s an interesting idea.

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  4. 1be5f3b2 0fd4 40fd ad1f 69b3df564ed4
    Zebrastripes  7 days ago

    Yeah! You played it out all wrong….

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  5. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  7 days ago

    if you do: it’ll be the only studying that you will have accomplished!

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  6. Me014
    chris_o42  7 days ago

    I used to give my kids a few “mental health” days when they were in school. They could have 3 a year and it was up to them when to take them. They knew that if they played sick, I would just say ok you are using one of your days. It seemed that when they were sick, they really were.

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  7. Helmet cat1
    VictoryRider  7 days ago

    “Earache my eye!”

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  8. Littloopy
    A R V reader  7 days ago

    It’s called “Faking it”, Nerwin. And it doesn’t work if you describe the symptoms.

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  9. The stinker
    cuzinron47  7 days ago

    Some in the adult world call it the blue flu.

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  10. My comic avatar
    NoSleepTil_BKLYN  7 days ago

    Nerwin shoulda said he had a vision problem: “I can’t see myself going to school today…”

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  11. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  7 days ago

    I tried every excuse except pregnancy.

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  12. Steve3a
    JP Steve Premium Member 6 days ago

    Broomie’s not playing fair! She should have suggested something Nerwin might have caught…!

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  13. Thinker
    Sisyphos  6 days ago

    Not well done, Nerwin. Even Auntie Broomie could see through that one!

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