Brian McFadden for August 22, 2023

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    Will?  3 months ago

    He’s too dumb to know that the Republicans he votes for make dam good and sure that all the economic hardships he b’tches about don’t ever change. But he’ll keep fighting his culture war like a good little sucker.

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    aristoclesplato9  3 months ago

    Did not take long for the left wing hate machine to target a singer with a song on the top of the charts all because they don’t like the lyrics.

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    Grandma Lea  3 months ago

    only song I can think of would be the one parsing mob rule, where if a majority present decides that mob rules are more important than the Constitutional rule of law. Where if they don’t like you, they have the right to murder you because of their dislike.

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  4. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  3 months ago

    the left wing hate machine

    ♪ bow your head with deep respect and deflect, deflect, deflect…

    probably not a surprise that people might regard a song that promotes hate with distaste and it’s certainly not the first time a bad song has topped the billboard chart…

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  5. V2
    Willywise52 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Never heard of this "singer"or the “song”.

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  6. Red panda small
    Redd Panda  3 months ago

    Guy must be a rebel, cause he’s got a beard.

    Just like all the other rebels.

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    piper_gilbert  3 months ago

    He reminds me of a question that’s been nagging me. If two Trump supporters get divorced, can they still be cousins?

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  8. John adams1
    Motivemagus  3 months ago

    Billy Bragg has a response to that idiot: “Rich Men Earning North of a Million.”

    www,youtube,com/watch?v=qGNFR7pgxDY [periods replaced by commas]

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    shw123  3 months ago

    Saw Billy once, and in Richmond, VA too – thanks for this info!

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    scote1379 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Two , three years from now you probably will find this turkey at a low end County fair ! ( Dagnut who ? )

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    jvscanlan Premium Member 3 months ago

    It’s amazing how Republican voters actually believe that 15 minute cities will be walled ghettos . . .

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