Brian McFadden for October 12, 2020


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  1. Missing large
    Daeder  about 2 months ago

    It’s like America has been stuck in the scariest Halloween ever for four years now!

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  2. Myfreckledface
    VegaAlopex  about 2 months ago

    He’d be still deluded if he should think he can cancel Halloween or the election.

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  3. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Trump still won’t admit when he was tested.

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  4. Picture
    EdMeiller Premium Member about 2 months ago

    He gives being sick an entirely new meaning.

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  5. Missing large
    kittcapp  about 2 months ago

    And yet he still commands 43% of the polls?

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  6. Missing large
    dotbup  about 2 months ago

    The leading cause of death in America now claims he’s not infectious.

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  7. Pine marten3
    martens  about 2 months ago

    The Regeneron honcho is apparently a golfing buddy of Trump. Rumor has that he told Trump about his company’s monoclonal antibody work last Spring and got $450 million from the government to pursue it. One wonders how many other possibly more worthy projects didn’t get funding in this new form of “peer review”.

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  8. Missing large
    Jody H. Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Excellent Mr. McFadden! I LOVE the coronavirus design on the hospital gown!

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  9. Image
    rorygmw Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Why won’t anyone face reality and use the words “clinically insane”?

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  10. Missing large
    Monchoxyz Premium Member about 2 months ago

    When is the baby due and who is the father?

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  11. Taz
    JohnHarry Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Love the pretzel!

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  12. Missing large
    rekam Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Love the masked pumpkins.

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