Brevity by Dan Thompson for April 06, 2020


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  1. Missing large
    wldhrsy2luv  3 months ago

    Good one!

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    rekam Premium Member 3 months ago


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  3. Missing large
    jpayne4040  3 months ago

    Ugh! Dag gone it! There goes my day! (-:

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  4. Missing large
    Stevefk  3 months ago

    It’s enough to drive you crazy!

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  5. Drs 1656
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member 3 months ago

    That drives Miss Daisy crazy.

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  6. Oliver   hobbes 1
    Doug Taylor Premium Member 3 months ago

    Maybe he can find a driver…and that’s a start

    ♫♪ Beep beep’m beep beep yeah ♪♫

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  7. Wallpapers jonny quest 1024x768
    J Quest  3 months ago

    Pretty brusque, Musk…

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  8. Af974ddf 8afb 4b1c 859e 8bb9cf064fd1
    Zebrastripes  3 months ago

    Hardy har har! LOL

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  9. Missing large
    mike92127  3 months ago

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  10. Missing large
    Al Nala  3 months ago


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  11. Missing large
    rs22808 Premium Member 3 months ago

    Why is Musk looking at a gas car? Remove the engine and the giant unneeded grill

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  12. Missing large
    scote1379 Premium Member 3 months ago

    No matter what carbon credits are spent.

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  13. Picture
    LeeYoung Premium Member 3 months ago

    I had to come to the comments to find out who that was. I’d heard the name, but never saw the face. At one point, I thought Elon Musk was a new cologne for men.

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  14.  49 2nd alma for sale
    gileshead  3 months ago

    I always spell it “Show-fer”

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  15. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  3 months ago

    Another Chrysler 300? Methinks Dan has a preference.

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