Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for January 01, 2023

  1. Ds frq
    BaconBoyCamper  9 months ago


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  2. Gravatar
    Esmeralda Anistasia  9 months ago

    All excellent resolutions!

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  3. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member 9 months ago

    Clearly Georgia’s New Year’s resolution is to draw more gratuitous toebeans!

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  4. Stpatshat  1
    leopardglily  9 months ago

    Happy new year, Gocomics!

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  5. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member 9 months ago

    My resolution is to forgive the neighbors who are making truly unnecessary amounts of noise and scaring my cats. It may in fact take all year to achieve, wish me luck.

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  6. 20140316 005818
    MrsXandamere  9 months ago

    I am both Elvis and Goldie this year.

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  7. Maxie
    Susanna Premium Member 9 months ago

    Happy New Year everyone!

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  8. 20230916 164128
    saobadao  9 months ago

    Gah! I can’t count how kitties they have now. Someone help me, please!

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  9. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  9 months ago

    Gerry Goffin and Michael Masser: Do You Know Where You’re Going To?

    Do you know where you’re going to?

    Have you decided the things that you’re gonna do?

    What are you gonna do?

    Do you know?


    Are you gonna eat the Big Red Couch?

    Are you gonna run and climb and never slouch?

    Are you gonna just hang out?

    Do you know?


    A new year has begun,

    A time for new adventures and having fun,

    The ball has dropped again, and you can see,

    The year is loaded with challenges and opportunities!


    Do you know where you’re going to?

    Have you decided the things that you’re gonna do?

    What are you gonna do?

    Do you know?


    It’s alright to just nap

    Or fight for the Humans’ lap,

    Climbing to the top of the fridge

    The challenge it can be,

    Adding to your workout is a lofty goal as you can see!


    Do you know where you’re going to?

    Have you decided the things that you’re gonna do?

    What are you gonna do?

    Do you know?

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  10. 004cc903 489f 4738 b947 e2c8314e35a2
    piwismom  9 months ago

    Happy New Year to all my Mega-Orb family! May 2023 be a better year for us all, with good health, good friends, and good fortune! Love you all! ♥

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  11. Milo face cropped
    Olive O'Sudden  9 months ago

    I like that Ora Zella’s resolution is ambitious, yet also realistic. One bite at a time is the only way to eat a couch.♥

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  12. Missing large
    fullmoondeb Premium Member 9 months ago


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  13. Umbrisshadow
    Ahsum  9 months ago

    Happy New Year Sunday Funday

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  14. Missing large
    GreasyOldTam  9 months ago

    I need a laundry basket big enough for me to sleep in.

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  15. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member 9 months ago

    Elvis is fulfilling his resolution already!

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  16. Animiertes spass lustig bild 0179
    in-dubio-pro-rainbow  9 months ago

    If ya want it eat the couch

    But save some stuffing in a pouch

    For next Thanksgiving dinner’s turkey

    And don’t try a bite even if it sounds quirky

    Of the spring core or your theeth go “ouch”

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  17. Missing large
    stairsteppublishing  9 months ago

    My resolution is to ‘stop and smell the flowers’, do not little things get to me. It is easy to handle the big things, it is not as easy to handle the little nagging, annoying things or people. It is not worth the effort or sleepless nights. I will not let (fill in the blank) get to me. I will not allow (fill in the blank) have control over me. I feel so much better already.Happy, healthy, enjoyable new year to all. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, shared experiences and stories. I have learned so much about cats from you.

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  18. Gedc0251
    Charliegirl Premium Member 9 months ago

    Happy New Year Grampa Elvis.

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  19. Jungletaitei
    Jungle Empress  9 months ago

    On the board in the break room, we write up polls and questions just for fun. The current one is about New Year’s resolutions. This time I was the first to answer, and I wrote that I will learn to finish a book before starting a new one. Later on our branch manager said to me, “You work in a library, you should be reading three books!”

    I swear, it’s the best and worst job for me, LOL.
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  20. 55233ce0 9ea3 49a7 986a c107ff04abf2
    DorseyBelle  9 months ago

    Elvis’s morning face! A triple shot of RTB! And great resolutions.

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  21. Photo
    Robin Harwood  9 months ago

    All New Year resolutions are doomed to be forgotten, usually in a matter of days. Perhaps Elvis will show an exception to this rule.

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  22. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 9 months ago

    Somehow, I believe Ora’s promise…

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  23. 2009 02 02   006 crop2
    Aspen_Bell  9 months ago

    HAP – - – - — PPYNEWYEAR!!!! —

    ( Entire film at – if you need to skip past a bit of strobing, start at )

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  24. Cartooninglady
    I AM CARTOON LADY!  9 months ago

    Big Dreams, Ora! But try scratching the Big Red Couch…that’s how my two cats destroyed my office chair! They both started, in kittenhood! Happy Mew Year, everyone!

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  25. Avt freyjaw autumn48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 9 months ago

    Godt nytt år!

    We had fancy crackers, cheese, Martinelli’s sparkling cider, eggnog liqueur, and a quiet night. The cats were mellow.

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  26. Gocomics avatar
    xsintricks  9 months ago

    Happy New Year to the Orb.

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  27. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  9 months ago

    HAPPY MEW YEAR, friends.

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  28. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  9 months ago

    Aim high, young Iggy!

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  29. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  9 months ago

    I want to know all about the birds Pucky. Especially ones wearing hats.

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  30. Missing large
    ctlum  9 months ago

    Aloha and Hauoli Makahiki Hou to Georgia and her family and the BCN crew, and of course to all the members of the Orb! Here’s to a healthy and peaceful 2023 to everyone!

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  31. Media 5dc187a4803260.04617927 fdd8684c13693e6d6c85e304b87dcbf01c6b0e48b4fdb1af66a6adf1388907b3
    anomalous4  9 months ago

    Elvis asleep with his paws crossed & his glasses still on…awwwwwsum ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  32. Dragon baby
    Tigrisan Premium Member 9 months ago

    Today is the first day of a brand New Year. Here’s hoping it’s everything everyone wants and more. Shiny, bright, happy and full of wonder. Happy New Year, Orb!!

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  33. Coffee date puck  3
    Hedgehog  9 months ago


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  34. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  9 months ago

    I wonder whose artwork that is on the fridge.

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  35. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  9 months ago

    Pucky white floof patch x 2! ♥

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  36. White rose of york jpeg
    Alicelth Premium Member 9 months ago

    Happy New Year’s to the entire Orb esp Georgia Dunn and family (Man, Boy and Girl). May it be blessed and as free from pain and problems and sadness as possible.

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  37. 2bec4488 5e08 4f68 a8f6 54b043e9061a
    Pet  9 months ago

    Wishing every Orbster at Breaking Cat News a Happy and Healthy New Year, full of love, boops and pets xo

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  38. Missing large
    ekw555  9 months ago

    happy new year,orb!

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  39. Missing large
    mepowell  9 months ago

    Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

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  40. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  9 months ago

    Off-topic: So long and thanks to those who have been appreciative.

    Over the last severaly years, I have spent a lot of time contributing humorous “riffs” on Georgia Dunn’s wonderful comic strip, cat stories with a little learned wisdom and the occasional simple opinion. I enjoyed doing so because it reminded me of the couple of years I was a professional comedy writer on a daily basis.

    However – there is always an “However” – it’s just not fun anymore . The constant deluge of increasingly meaningless Notifications is taking up a lot of time. Worse, is dealing with those few humorless people who take my comments as an invitiation to debate, call me names and practice “last wording”. I do not debate people with no apparent qualifications in an unmoderated forum.

    There is a community here, which I hope continues to work for all of you. While I will continue to follow Georgia Dunn’s beautifully drawn and cunningly plotted comic strip, I will not be contributing further

    Happy New Year!

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  41. Cfaab4cc d382 4979 8cc7 882aed2b8162
    katey11  9 months ago

    Aw, grumpy Elvis. Him needs hims sleepy time.

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  42. 250
    ladykat  9 months ago

    Happy New Year to all members of the orb!

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  43. Missing large
    DM2860  9 months ago

    Happy New Year.

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  44. Missing large
    Katzen1415  9 months ago

    I am glad we got the resolutions as I mentioned yesterday. I am not sure I will adopt any for myself, although Elvis’ does have merit. I think my favorite detail is the bird’s hat in the second-to-last panel.

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  45. Photo
    Granny Roberta  9 months ago

    I gathered from yesterday’s comments that some kind of end of year thing has happened. I must remember to use the new year number going forward.

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  46. Missing large
    sisterea  9 months ago

    “Cats are delicate creatures and subject to a great many maladies, but I have never known one that suffers from insomnia.” I don’t remember who said it but i have alwavs loved the quote.

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  47. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 9 months ago

    If there ever was a cat after my own heart. Well done, Elvis.

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  48. Catmatics
    lpayne.1632 Premium Member 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that Puck’s bird friend is wearing an adorable snow hat?

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  49. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  9 months ago

    Meanwhile, Back on the Nile

    Queen Catshepsut the Golden: Welcome one and all to the annual New Year welcome. I would like to extend a formal welcome to our new friends Ignatius Shipwright and Ora Zedd, as well as Iggy’s cousin Ziggy and the captain and crew of the good ship Red Planet Spider.

    Ora: Thank you, Your Majesty. It is a great honor to be a part of your wonderful Royal Household.

    Iggy: I am pleased to be able to sail with Fresh and Salty on the Nile. I’ve missed sailing ever since I had my accident.

    Ziggy: In a way, the storm that brought the Red Planet Spider here was a blessing in disguise. I’ve met some lovely artisans, and was able to reconnect with my spider friends Arachna and Petros Parkhour.

    Arachna: Pete and I have reconvened the Red Planet Spiders for a special New Year’s treat. Hit it!

    Ziggy: Ziggy played guitar

    Jamming good with Pete and Ari

    And the Arachnids from Red!

    He played as best he could

    But then he realized

    Guitars hadn’t been invented yet!

    But he was really sharp

    And he learned the harp!

    He just found it one day

    And began to play.

    He tried to find out where the harp came from,

    But no one ever told.

    The Queen: And now we will get out the nap cushions. But first, Lupinium will conclude the banquet with a New Year’s Thwump!

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  50. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  9 months ago

    If a man can eat an airplane, then a cat can eat a couch!


    …as for me, I’ll stick to tacos.

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  51. Png 20221215 235416 0000
    SquawkTron  9 months ago

    Out of all the resolutions, Puck’s is my favorite.

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  52. 275782015 5490583774302584 4665192953883494045 n
    DawnMcCandless  9 months ago

    Mother Nature had different plans for me last night. We walked out of the community room and almost fell on our butts. We got freezing rain. So I just went back to my apartment and relaxed. We did have a lot of fun at the party. Good snacks and a 6 handed Uno game

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  53. Missing large
    Kawasaki Cat  9 months ago

    Elvis must be a senior cat.

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  54. 1
    metagalaxy1970  9 months ago

    The look on Elvis’ face, too precious for words. And Ora Zella, trying to eat the sofa, “one bite at a time”, the “climbing of the fridge”. All so precious.

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  55. Lucy22
    LucyLuLu  9 months ago

    Happy New Year to the Orb.

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  56. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 9 months ago

    I just hung up my new year Breaking Cat News Calendar. A Cold January day, a pile of books, and Trevor with his tea and snack. Hermit, indeed.

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  57. Ericka huggins
    JLChi  9 months ago

    Happy New Year to Georgia and family (furry and otherwise)!

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I love every panel of this strip, but I especially adore the little bird with her cozy red hat.

    Anyone know the type of bird?

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  58. Large img 20231002 191920 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  9 months ago

    Pretty sure Iggy will accomplish his resolution very soon!

    Ora Zella, not so much.

    And Lupin made two resolutions!

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  59. Large img 20231002 191920 2
    Fennec! at the Disco  9 months ago

    I like the kids’ art on the fridge, and the warm cap on the chickadee.

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  60. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  9 months ago

    I think “eat this couch” is an admirable goal.

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  61. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva Premium Member 9 months ago

    May 2023 be a better year for all of you, and may we always remember those 2022 took from us.

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  62. Avatar
    Georgia Dunn creator 9 months ago

    Happy New Year!!!

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  63. Hellcat
    knight1192a  9 months ago

    Making Near Year’s resolutions. Bah! I haven’t made one of those in over twenty years. In fact my last New Year’s resolution was to no longer make New Year’s resolutions. Easiest resolution to keep because it means not having to care about making them. Which one is most likely to break within a few weeks of making the things anyway.

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  64. Missing large
    bwh1  9 months ago

    Happy New Year! THank you for bringing me a bit of pleasure and amusement every day.

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  65. Art screams
    Bwahahaha!  9 months ago

    The fosters are all like “I’m going to scale the fridge and chew on the sofa! What? We have new homes now? Nooooooooooo!”

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  66. Photo
    Robin Harwood  9 months ago

    @Sue Ellen. After reading mistercatworks’ comment, I’m worried that my grumpy insistence on the original upset you. If so, I apologise.

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  67. D952539c 76e6 4b04 9f6d e49839f8a4c5
    KandiasOverton  9 months ago

    Happy New Year from Colorado!

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  68. Opus swivel 2
    Jacob Mattingly   9 months ago

    All happy resolutions for our pals.. I hope they all reach their goals. Except Lupin. He needs more sleep. Unless he’s finally evolved beyond sleep in which case their all doomed. But I especially hope the baby children eat that horse er couch and climb that mountain er fridge respectively.

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  69. D34yd011pr76kiehfi3m
    ikini Premium Member 9 months ago

    The list on the fridge: I think that the first one is vanilla. Then bread, followed by apples. But I’m stumped by the last word. Any thoughts?

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