Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for August 17, 2022

  1. Missing large
    leopardglily  3 months ago

    Hahahaha! The joke in the last panel doesn’t make much sense story-wise, but it made me laugh.

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  2. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member 3 months ago

    Do-It-Yourself humor. Because if you don’t laugh at your own jokes, who will?

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  3. Campina 2
    deadheadzan Premium Member 3 months ago

    Snerk… That’s what stud finders are for! For Hanging Pictures!

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  4. Milo face cropped
    Olive O'Sudden  3 months ago

    Story arc theory: They’re somehow going to be able to stay in The Big Pink House and they’re going to find another, walled-off room adjacent to their apartment that will be incorporated into it so that the Boy and Girl will each have their own bedroom!♥

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  5. Grand canyon picture
    Ricky Bennett  3 months ago

    Now with the stud finder, we’ll be able to find Invisible Lupin when he disappears…

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  6. Photo
    Robin Harwood  3 months ago

    In every life we have some trouble

    When you worry you make it double

    Don’t worry, Woman, be happy.

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  7. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member 3 months ago

    Sometimes the thing you need most in life is a silly joke to break the pressure.

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  8. Cartooninglady
    I AM CARTOON LADY!  3 months ago


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  9. Avt freyjaw autumn48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 3 months ago

    Sometimes silliness is in order.

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  10. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  3 months ago

    Say the words “stud finder” and grown women turn into twelve-year-old boys.

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  11. Dragon baby
    Tigrisan Premium Member 3 months ago

    Okay, in all seriousness for a moment…the stud finder never, ever finds a stud where I want to hang the picture so the picture is never centered if I use that. It’s always off. I have a teeny, tiny bit of OCD, just enough that if things are off like that, I’d rather rip it off the wall than have it wrong! I can’t stand it. So I have to use a different type of hanger and not rely on a stud finder. *beside that, mine is usually at work when I’m hanging pictures anyway ;)

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  12. 3fae27db 21ad 40e3 8147 52b983e86954
    arolarson Premium Member 3 months ago

    One nice thing about building a house is that you can plan ahead for not just furniture placement but also for hanging objects. We had some heavy mirrors that were going to need several carefully placed hanging points, so I had the carpenters add extra cross braces in the appropriate walls. Worked well. Oh, and I also took photos of exactly where those extra braces were as well and while I was at it I got photos of the electrical and plumbing runs as well.

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  13. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  3 months ago

    The Woman is anxiously venting and Pucky is there to be the little spoon of comfort.

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  14. Missing large
    artchick530  3 months ago

    Shared joy is twice the joy, shared sorrow is half (paraphrasing from a proverb I read a long time ago).

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  15. Profile picture 1466872462
    Kitty Katz  3 months ago

    Meanwhile, Back on the Nile

    Beatrixia: After a day’s journey, here we are at the Very Good Pyramid.

    Elvis-Anum: I’m glad I wore my most comfortable sandals.

    Puckmosis: Vi, can you translate the hieroglyphs above the entrance?

    Violet-Ifa: They say, "I Queen Cleocatra, do hereby declare this pyramid open for business.

    Puckmosis: Wonder what business were here.

    Bea: You know, we really don’t know much about this pyramid.

    Ta-Natash: Well, shall we enter?

    Elvis: I don’t know how I feel about this.

    Puckmosis: Don’t worry. We have your back.


    Bea: There are some unusual hieroglyphs on the North Wall. Can you translate them, Vi?

    Vi: I’ll have to study them further, but it seems to say something about Story Hour. Elvis, do you mind writing them down?

    Elvis: Not a problem.

    Vi: And I think the hieroglyphs on that room nearby say “Kitten’s Department.”

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  16. Missing large
    Katzen1415  3 months ago

    What will the stud finder find? Probably not the Man, but perhaps some hidden areas of the house that the Robber Mice referenced. I notice Freddie is absent, probably confused by another weird calculator-looking thing.

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  17. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  3 months ago

    An interesting dilemma, to be sure. The Mann Family (we don’t know their actual names) having their own home would allow for what the woman said, as well as more room for the cats to report on. But housing prices are inflated and the US is deep into an overall sellers’ market. I think the resolution will come from that mysterious room that was referenced recently.

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  18. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 3 months ago


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  19. 250
    ladykat  3 months ago

    “When in worry or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

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  20. Ten cats oliver annie kiss 81322
    daleandkristen  3 months ago

    Stud finder…..hilarious, even though I understood the reference.

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  21. Missing large
    dadempse81  3 months ago

    Mine never works right, too much interference.

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  22. Dennycrop
    Denny Wheeler Premium Member 3 months ago

    It would of course be Bookstore Woman who supplies the punchline. Ceiling Woman may have, were she at the gathering. Why isn’t she? And is the bookshop open and in the care of Trevor & Bea?

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  23. Missing large
    maggijoseph Premium Member 3 months ago

    Where is Ceiling Woman in all this?

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  24. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  3 months ago

    “Finder”, he-he, she said “finder”.

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  25. D6b31fbf 96cd 464a bb13 d7b51c59f344
    2GreyCats  3 months ago

    Good morning, Puck! Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

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  26. Photo
    RayWebster  3 months ago

    In the UK we have little devices called “cavity wall fixings” which mean that you can hang things where there are no studs! Aren’t we lucky.

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  27. Photo
    ChrisTrey  3 months ago

    That stud finder should point right to “the man”, as he is one fine looking work of artistic handsomeness.

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  28. 2019063095133708
    rs0204 Premium Member 3 months ago

    It is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    Happy, happy day to all the Black Panthers out there; Pucky, Hamilton, Belle, and everycat else.

    This day is for you.

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  29. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  3 months ago

    Fortunately the cats were absent from the last panel.

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  30. His majesty head shot
    miscreant  3 months ago

    You wanna talk about DIY humor. When I worked in a very large hardware store this poor young house wife who didn’t know one end of a screwdriver from another came into the hardware dept blushing from head to toe. There were 4 of us putting away merchandise and we stopped and asked what we could help her with. She stammered a little looked around and said, “My husband sent me in here I swear to god looking for a tool. He said to ask for a pair of d!kes.” We all burst out laughing got the tool she needed and a couple people that were waiting on her said or did he mean us? The customer burst out laughing too.

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  31. Codeslave thirdeye 200x200
    tim  3 months ago

    There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t take a stud finder and point it at himself, saying it’s going crazy.

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  32. Missing large
    jwarrenphd  3 months ago

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Puck!

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  33. Hellcat
    knight1192a  3 months ago

    Freddie does. She’s got to figure out a way to help Mr. Doctor save the Big Pink House while you three moan and groan and crack jokes.

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  34. Dennycrop
    Denny Wheeler Premium Member 3 months ago

    OT, but what the hey. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to Cookie, Croissant, Candy and her littles: Taffy, Tootsie, Twix, Aero, and Pez. Also to BT and Ryker, along with all the panthers of the Happy Forest.

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  35. Missing large
    anneffa  3 months ago

    I sense an intentional community …

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  36. Missing large
    katey11  3 months ago

    Who is the woman with glasses?

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