Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn for January 30, 2021

  1. Campina 2
    deadheadzan Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Elvis ain’t buyin’ it! Oh Lord, did the woman take a PICTURE of Elvis on her cell phone!?

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  2. The cat
    Le'letha Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Shoes of the Big Pink House, beware the vengeance of Elvis.

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  3. 20191015 161435 hdr
    OliveO'Sudden  over 1 year ago

    I love how the shirt restricts the range of motion in his arms just a smidge.♥

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  4. Large gentbear3b1a
    Gent  over 1 year ago

    You old, Elvis. You going bald. He he he.

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  5. Kilo icon
    WelshRat Premium Member over 1 year ago

    It’s groomed expertly. Hooo boy, have we heard this a lot from the home haircut bunch this last year…

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  6. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Who’s my handsome boy? Woman, you can $&^ that and *%?> as well!

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  7. Trina
    Lady Bri  over 1 year ago

    EVERYTHING ELVIS DOES IS DIGNIFIED!!! So, if he says he’s just expertly groomed and not bald, well, by Cat he’s the best groomed cat on the block! If he winds up completely bald as a Rex, well that just means he’s thorough. ;)

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  8. Missing large
    Ruth Brown  over 1 year ago

    Woman, just put on the baby/kitty carrier. Elvis deserves that.❤️

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  9. Rays
    TampaFanatic1  over 1 year ago

    I think Georgia should set up a “Cat’s Court”, modeled after the “People’s Court” which was on TV back in ’80s and early ’90s with that grumpy old dude Judge Wapner and has reappeared with various other judges since then. Baba Mouse would be the perfect magistrate! Elvis could go to present his case as the plaintiff and see what happens! Puck would be the accused though others could be brought into the fiasco like Burt the cameraman and there could be witnesses.

    Anyhow, Elvis is one very very darned angry cat right now! The gentleman needs to vent his frustration somehow!

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  10. Nc201206
    some idiot from R'lyeh Premium Member over 1 year ago


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  11. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  over 1 year ago

    Just do a comb-over, Elvis.

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  12. Saxon
    Nuliajuk  over 1 year ago

    Is overgrooming a Siamese thing? My blue point does it as well. Sometimes crushing up half a Reactine (ceterazine) tablet in his wet food reduces it, but never stops it altogether.

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  13. White rose of york jpeg
    Alicelth Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Careful Elvis – the Woman just might have a bigger sized version of Mommy’s pirate ballerina costume just awaiting for you! 8D

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  14. 131 miss kitty on bed
    Sue Ellen  over 1 year ago

    I’m trying to figure out what kind of bottoms he’s wearing. At first I thought it was just his fur, but it’s the wrong color. Is it a diaper? A pull up? Training pants?

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  15. Missing large
    sarah413 Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Bald? prefer to use the term “folically challenged.”

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  16. Comixavatar
    T_Lexi  over 1 year ago

    Elvis has gone too far with the catscaping!

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  17. Ben pawst
    serenasakitty  over 1 year ago

    Expertly groomed. But with dignity.

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  18. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  over 1 year ago

    Come on, Woman! How many times does Elvis have to repeat himself?

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  19. April elephant 2010
    Sabrina17  over 1 year ago

    That’s what my husband should say from now on!

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  20. 55233ce0 9ea3 49a7 986a c107ff04abf2
    DorseyBelle  over 1 year ago

    Precious angry Elvis looks like a stuffed animal in his mama’s hands! (Plushie to you Brits). Now I want a plush stuffed Elvis.

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  21. Reboot painting
    Font Lady Premium Member over 1 year ago

    O.T. I got my first vaccine shot yesterday after school. Afterward, I took J-L to Sonic because he was running out of sugar then took the wheelchair back to school and got the trailer unhitched at home so I decided to get some supper. I got to the end of the block and got a call that both kids had gotten calls that they could also get the shot if they could be there in 15 minutes. Needless to say I circled the block and got them to the vaccine location in 14 minutes. So yay! We have all had our shots and will be able to schedule the second shots on the same day. The only reaction I’ve had so far is some soreness in the shot location (duh) and being tired. Then again, I’m always tired for the weekends so nothing out of the ordinary.

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  22. Urban lakshmi
    Bucinka  over 1 year ago

    Maybe if the shirt said something like “King of the Jungle,” Elvis wouldn’t complain.

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  23. Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped
    mistercatworks  over 1 year ago

    If the shirt does not work, he’ll have to wear the dreaded medical ruff. I think that would change his mind. I had a cat who would go for walks with me during his recuperation period, while wearing a ruff. It took longer, but he knew I could warn him of hazards, and he badly wanted to check out his territory daily. It was a long two weeks.

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  24. Zoomer yeti apr7
    Zoomer&Yeti  over 1 year ago

    Kinda like Randy in ‘A Christmas Story’ . . . “I can’t put my arms down!”

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  25. Hipshotbellestarr
    scaeva  over 1 year ago

    Oh! The felinity!

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  26. Naruto gifs 2
    NWdryad  over 1 year ago

    Maybe if you had a shirt with no sleeves that would be less uncomfortable. .Of course it wouldn’t look as good in terms of artwork.

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  27. Screenshot 2020 09 13 breaking cat news by georgia dunn for september 13  2020 gocomics com
    Jayfbird1969  over 1 year ago

    At least the shirt doesn’t say Mr. sunflower on it.

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  28. Froggy with cat ears
    willie_mctell  over 1 year ago

    Cats love wearing human clothing.

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  29. Large dilophaflora
    A_Dilophosaurus  over 1 year ago

    OT: If you hover your cursor over the GoComics logo it winks at you.

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  30. Umbrisshadow
    Ahsum  over 1 year ago

    I’ve converted the titles for my stories to clickable links in the directory document. Multi-part stories have the clickable links as “Part 1” and “Part 2”.

    As usual, the link to the directory can be found on the profile page for this account.

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  31. Breaking cat news library tote
    cat19632001  over 1 year ago

    I think dashing, handsome, big boy needs some cuddles and tuna juice.

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  32. Hellcat
    knight1192a  over 1 year ago

    If there was steam comming out his ears, that Big Bog might have a very different meaning.

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  33. Missing large
      over 1 year ago

    You speak the truth, Elvis.

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  34. Wp 20191225 20 48 09 pro
    Philip SeTx  over 1 year ago

    I’ve never tried to put clothes on Ali or Ami, it may not fit their HRH personalities.

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  35. Download
    Mr. Reader  over 1 year ago

    as always, when in the face of crushing embarrassment, Elvis is still dignified.

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