The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder for January 12, 2014

  1. Wallpaper 1158583
    Swalb%515  over 10 years ago

    My sentiments exactly, Huey. Life IS complicated.

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  2. Geekboy01
    geekboy_x  over 10 years ago

    Amen, Huey, amen.

    Isnt this the plot of about 90% of chick flicks distilled down to 6 panels?

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  3. Missing large
    kittenpah  over 10 years ago

    Teenage girls can take you on that roller coaster, but I’ve found that actual adult women don’t (at least not the one that I’ve been with for the last 40+ years).

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  4. Avatar92
    David Rickard Premium Member over 10 years ago

    ‘Fraid that’s what relationships are like, Huey…. least in your teens and twenties.Course, since you’re a) a comic-strip character and b) your strip is in permanent repeats, you need never worry about growing up.

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  5. Missing large
    lovesdos  over 10 years ago

    I do not think the three people in today’s strip are yet teenagers

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  6. Comic thumb 9 3 2011 larger
    JLG Premium Member over 10 years ago

    Ah, Jazmine, you adorable little drama queen.

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  7. Hueyheadbob
    batmanwithprep  over 10 years ago

    Friend-zoned in six panels.

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  8. Missing large
    Majin Nathan  over 10 years ago

    This wouldn’t be such a problem if people (especially young girls) didn’t learn about relationships from what they see on TV

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