The Boondocks by Aaron McGruder for February 17, 2011

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    kittenpah  over 13 years ago

    Um, @hanndy2, you do realize that this is just a rerun of a strip from that time, and not a rehash/flashback?

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    Nortley  over 13 years ago

    He said, they did, we’re still up to our chins in it.

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    Potrzebie  over 13 years ago

    04/05 was the worst year. They sure bought on their A game then. One person from my unit bought the farm because Cheney and W taunted the guerillas.

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    rumplesnitz  over 13 years ago

    ‘04/’05 was bad for one reason in particular: That’s immediately after Moral, Welfare, and Recreation took over our camps and disenfranchised the indigenous population who had a stake in selling to the soldiers. MWR ran ‘em off because Hollywood wanted their money - the locals could no longer sell bootlegs DVD’s and that sort of thing to the GI’s - so MWR ran ‘em off lock, stock, and barrel, leather goods, souvenirs, and all. Where did they turn for money? Al Sadr was hiring. This is the kind of bureaucratic bleeep which will kill our soldiers as long as this nation continues to exist, I suppose. If a war is worth fighting, it is worth the whole-hearted effort it takes to get it done fast and hard, and nobody comes home ‘til it is over. But the pansies who never see service because mommy and daddy voted away the draft now try to salve their consciousnesses by ordering the generals to make the soldiers’ living conditions comfortable, let them fight wars like it is some kind of shift work, and patrol in iron beasts which alienate them from the population. It is hard to shout encouragement out of one side of your mouth, and whisper condolences out of the other. Imagine being the leader of both the troops who go and die, and the ungrateful cretins who let them. Much easier to criticize the Big Guy and get paid for entertaining the cretins. Just sayin’.

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