Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed for November 13, 2018


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  1. Photo
    nrford100  8 months ago

    Three Indian women were pregnant. The first gave birth to a son while laying on a deer skin. The second gave birth to a son while laying on a buffalo skin. The third gave birth to twin sons while laying on a hippopotamus skin. Thus was born the Pythagorean Theorem: “The sons of the hippopotamus are equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides.”

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  2. Forblog4a
    CallMeMeg  8 months ago

    Stupid Snorklewacker. Everyone knows it’s e=mc²

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  3. Gocomics avatar
    xsintricks  8 months ago

    The best way to teach geometry: build an octagonal, peaked roofed gazebo.

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  4. Pug yoda1
    Wyo1  8 months ago

    Y’all forgot that key little factor, “for all right triangles”….otherwise, you have to use trig.

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  5. Missing large
    eccolibri60 Premium Member 8 months ago

    The Planes Indians practiced polygamy, and one chief had three squaws. The first squaw lived in a teepee of elk hide, the second in a teepee made of buffalo hide, and the youngest in a teepee of hippopotamus hide. Then he slept with each wife on the eve of his great hunting trip. He was gone nine moons and when he returned, he went into the elk hide teepee and found that his wife had borne him a son. Likewise, in the buffalo hide teepee, that squaw, too, had borne him a son. So, imagine his surprise when he found twin baby boys in the hippopotamus hide teepee.This just proves that …The squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sum of the squaws of the other two hides.

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  6. Rhadamanthus
    craigwestlake  8 months ago

    The original Pythagorean Theorem was that the shortest point between two bathrooms was three cups of coffee or three beers…

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  7. Thinker
    Sisyphos  8 months ago

    Bobbi Harlow is right. Young Binkley needs to get over his neuroses and take the geometry test!

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