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Lunarbaboon by Christopher Grady

How did you begin your career as a cartoonist? When did you start cartooning?

I never had any dreams of becoming a cartoonist. Making comics fell into my lap during a very desperate time in my life. That's not to say I didn't like drawing as a kid. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't part of some master plan. I drew as a way to focus in class or impress friends and teachers, but I don't think I ever entertained the notion that someday I would have a career as a cartoonist.

Lunarbaboon by Christopher Grady

That's the way it went for about 25 years. I mostly drew for fun, with the occasional side job thrown in. I met a girl, got married, bought a house, had a kid, and then suddenly in 2012, I fell into a dark spiral of depression and anxiety. Life is funny that way (pause for laughter ... still waiting ... waiting ... you know what, never mind).

Lunarbaboon by Christopher Grady

I hit a point where I needed something to change, or rather, I needed something to replace the negativity that was swirling in my head. So I started drawing little comics in a notebook. The goal was not to replace those terribly depressing thoughts, but to find the humor, truth or beauty in them, and, hopefully, learn from them.

Lunarbaboon by Christopher Grady

No one, with the exception of friends and family, would have ever read my comics had it not been for the Internet. At some point, I started putting my comics online as a way to house them and protect them. Since they were all in a little notebook, a simple spill would have wiped them all out. The site I was using to host my comics had some "share" features on the bottom, so I decided to share to a few places, such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. For the first few months, no one read the comic, or if they did, they didn't like it. Then one day, a comic hit on Reddit and my site saw some traffic, then a week later, another comic struck a chord, and then another.

That was the beginning of my cartooning career.

What inspires you?


Lunarbaboon Family

I live in Toronto, which is a pretty big city, so I am constantly surrounded by some pretty inspirational people and experiences. I often pull ideas from my time traveling on public transit or wandering the streets. That being said, most of my inspiration comes from being with my family. Just being who they are gives me tons of excellent ideas for comics.

What are some of your biggest achievements or accomplishments?


I am pretty proud of the two Lunarbaboon Volumes that were successfully Kickstarted with the help of so many wonderful comic readers.

What were your favorite childhood comics? What comics do you read today?

Calvin and Hobbes is without a doubt my favorite. I can't imagine anyone having a different answer. To this day, that strip is perfect in its humor, creativity and insight. I also am quite fond of Batman and Spiderman comics.

Do you have any upcoming projects or appearances?


This year I will be at ConBravo in Hamilton, Ontario, and at the Boston Comic Con.

Tell us about your workspace.


My workspace is my table ... much to the chagrin of my wife.


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