Who could have guessed that a conversation about Donald Trump would lead to a charity comics auction to raise money for disabled veterans?

Let's rewind. It began when Jake Tapper, CNN's chief Washington correspondent and host of The Lead, invited Dilbert creator Scott Adams to appear on his show. Tapper was intrigued by Adams' extensive analysis of Trump's presidential campaign, which Adams wrote about on his blog.

While chatting before the interview, Tapper mentioned that he was a "failed cartoonist," and Adams invited him to try his hand at drawing Dilbert for a week. Tapper agreed, and suggested auctioning off the one-of-a-kind strips (featuring Tapper's art and Adams' writing) to benefit Homes for Our Troops, a charity that Tapper has worked with in the past.

"[Homes for Our Troops] builds mortgage-free, specially designed homes for the most disabled"¬ veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq," Tapper said. "Hopefully, Scott and I can raise some"¬ money for the organization by auctioning off the original comic strips"¬ for anyone out there who appreciates the uniqueness of this venture and"¬ the worthiness of the cause."¬"

Although Tapper considers himself a failed cartoonist ("I wanted to be the next Garry Trudeau," he said), Adams praised his work on Dilbert.

"I think readers will enjoy seeing his take on the art, which came out great," Adams said. "He's way better than I expected!"

The Tapper-illustrated Dilbert strips debut today (May 23) and run through May 28. The auction for each strip begins at 12:15 a.m. CT the day of the strip's debut.

Read the Q&A between Tapper and Adams about the collaboration here.