A recent article in lauds the reboot of Nancy, describing it as "a perfect meme fit for the Web." 

Titled "The Revamped Nancy is the Perfect Comic Strip for 2018," the article by Kelsey McKinney dissects a June 28 two-panel strip in which Nancy is asked how she got a rectangular tan line on her face. The answer, of course, is from taking too many selfies out in the sun. "The comic plays like a meme: short, sweet, and endlessly relevant," McKinney writes. "But the gag is modern, the selfie perfectly situating the comic in 2018 instead of an eternal present."

The article goes on to praise new Nancy creator Olivia Jaimes for modernizing the 85-year-old comic strip, and making its perpectual 8-year-old protagonist relevant for the digital age. 

"Nancy has taken on a new life, for the first time hanging out with non-white characters, musing about the social dynamics of texting and the proportion of time we spend online today where (ironically) many people will read this comic."