After more than 33 years as the creator of In The Bleachers, Steve Moore is stepping away. In this interview with The Daily Cartoonist, Moore makes it clear that ending his cartooning career was not his idea. 

"I have a neurological disorder that causes tremors, mostly in my hands and arms," Moore said. "It’s called Essential Tremor. The symptoms are similar to Parkinson’s, but ET is not fatal."

However, the condition makes cartoon extremely difficult. So, Moore is turning his attention to working in the animation film business, as well as writing. He recently completed the fourth in a series of children's books for HarperCollins. King of the Bench, the story of a middle school kid who is extremely average in sports, was published last year. 

"I intend to write children's books, then move on to young adult novels and maybe adult novels, although I don't think my brain is big enough for that," Moore joked. 

In The Bleachers is not going away. It's in the hands of the talented and very funny Ben Zaehringer, who is also the creator of the oddball cartoon Berkeley Mews, which can be found on GoComics. 

"Meanwhile, dude, In the Bleachers will abide!" Moore said.