Would Johnny Hart's classic caveman strip have ever caught on if it was titled Suck Egg? That's what Hart originally called it--until his wife convinced him that "Suck Egg" was a less-than-marketable name. Hart renamed the strip B.C., after one of its main characters, and his feature debuted in 1958.

The rest, of course, is comic caveman history. 

That's just one of the intriguing stories captured in a new Mental Floss article, "8 Things You Might Not Know About B.C." Hart passed away in 2007, but the strip continues daily on, with Hart's grandson, Mason Mastroianni, handling creative duties. Click here for the latest B.C. comics. For classic B.C. strips dating back to its origins in 1958, visit GoComics' Back to B.C. page.

The 60-year-old strip may soon be an animated feature film. B.C.: Back to Civilization has a tentative 2021 release date, according to Parallax Media Ventures, which is developing the movie with John Hart Studios.