We're excited to add Vice to the list of media outlets that are praising the recent reboot of Nancy (although we do take exception to the article's assertion that the strip hasn't been "good" since the Eisenhower Administration. That's, like, quite a long time ago.). 

In the two months since Olivia Jaimes took the reins of the 85-year-old strip, Nancy has garnered coverage from The New York Times, The Washington Post, BoingBoing and AV Club. Traditional and social media have been drawn in by Jaimes' fresh subject matter, which often has Nancy interacting with technology like bots, apps, and SnapChat. Fascination has also swirled around Jaimes, who writes the strip under a pseudonym and is keeping her identity under wraps. She is the first woman to chronicle the adventures of the mischievous cartoon girl who's been in elementary school since 1933. 

"I'm a pretty private person, and I want to be insulated from the whole 'Big Thing' that a classic comic strip is," Jaimes recently told The Times. "The pseudonym lets me do that, and I'm really grateful for it."

While some longtime Nancy fans have not exactly loved the changes to one of their favorite cartoons, the reception among newspapers, blogs, and other media has been generally positive. 

"it's a testament to Jaimes' strength as a writer and artist that the modernization doesn't feel clumsy or forced," Vice's Grant Pardee wrote in his June 6 article. "Instead, it's obvious that Jaimes is of a generation that grew up with technology as an intuitive aspect of daily life."  

The first Nancy strip created by Jaimes was published on April 9. Click here to check out the new Nancy, and read earlier strips all the way back to 1996. You can also read a sampling of older strips by visiting GoComics' Nancy Classics page.