People who know me well know that the fabric I look best in is wool. And I can't tell you how many times I'll be at a party and a group of people will say, "Wool you please leave us alone?" and I have to correct them and say "Wool is a fabric, it cannot respond to your questions." They seem to get it at that point and they'll usually leave the party soon thereafter because of the embarrassment.  

Why do I mention all this? Good question. 

Jeff Corriveau's "Deflocked" is now on GoComics and it features the wooliest, wackiest band of pals in all the comics land. The four main rascals are Tucker, Mamet, Cobb and Rupert. 

And if there are any doubts that you'll be laughing from head to toe, you should know that Jeff was a writer on such comedy shows that you may have heard of called "The Tonight Show" and "Saturday Night Live." I mean, no, it's not "Family Matters" but those are still pretty impressive credits. Nice job, Jeff. 

So dive in to Deflocked every day here on GoComics or ask your newspaper editor to add it to your local paper so you can laugh in both digital and print forms.