It's been a whirlwind of a two weeks since Olivia Jaimes took the reins on the nearly 100 years old Nancy comic and let me just stay there's been no shortage of back and forth and name calling and teeth gnashing and wrist slapping and shame-spiraling. And that's just when I'm alone in my office! LOL!

If I could be serious for a moment, it has been a big change and some people don't like it, and I hear where they are coming from. I would ask that they refrain from throwing tomatoes at me ... until lunchtime that is. LOL!

You may know that Michael Cavna does the wonderfully creative Warped! comic here on GoComics, but did you know he's also an award-winning writer for one of the world's great newspapers? Maybe you've heard of The Washington Post?

Michael was one of the first to break the story of Olivia taking over the Nancy pen and he wrote again yesterday about how us folks here at GoComics are having an ongoing and spirited conversation about the changes. Click to see the article here.

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Here's one of the better parts of the piece: 

“There’s something warm and silly and magical in the facial expressions, the rhythm and the body language,” says John Glynn, Andrews   McMeel’s president and editorial director. “Olivia is channeling Ernie Bushmiller while giving it her own unique, 21st-century voice.

“I think the fates led us to Olivia,” Glynn adds about Jaimes, who previously worked in webcomics and is the first woman to create the strip since it debuted. “She’s got the gift.”