When disgraced editor Clive Butterbather used to work here he used to often say, "Alas, I don't understand why people like 'Lord Birthday'."

That's when I would ask him politely, "Why don't you shut your dirty mouth?" 

Lord Birthday is the greatest list-based comic since "Wiley Miller's Big Fat List of Things I Don't Hate" which you might remember was syndicated by The Berkshire Bee Syndicate in the late '90s. 

Well, I have quickly become Lord Birthday's biggest fan (when I walk on my dancing stilts). Lord Birthday is weird and absurd and he makes you laugh and he makes you think and occasionally he'll make you question what in the heck you are doing wth your life. 


I could not be more pleased to announce that our pals over at Andrews McMeel Publishing are launching the very first Lord Birthday book and it's coming out March 6th! 

For the record, I'm taking the day off, so I can read the book, soak in a bath of Epsom salts (for my hips) and laugh myself into the next century.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you know that your fingers and toes pucker when exposed to water for long periods? They think it's to help increase your grip on wet surfaces. My goodness, aren't we remarkable creatures?) 

You should really listen to this NPR interview of Lord Birthday (it starts at 19:40 mark).  When I started reading the LB he had 30,000 followers on Instagram and now he has more than 181,000! Moldy Panther, that's a lot of followers!

If you buy this book, someone you know will laugh at it and you.