Meet the new and improved navigation bar.

The new navigation bar prioritizes comic discovery on the left and user functions on the right. It also adds onsite notifications, which alert registered users to their comment activity. To make both sections easier to use, we've revised what some functions are called. We think you're going to dig the changes.


Previous Layout vs. New Layout


While the previous navigation bar sat on the right side of the screen, the new navigation bar shifts discovery functions to the left and user functions to the right. Unregistered users will see an option to sign up for an account on the right, while registered and premium users who have signed in will see their account options and notification alerts.


Comic Discovery


The discovery portion of the new navigation bar is divided into three drop-down menus; Find Comics, Best Of, and Shop. These replace the previous Comics, Blog, and Shop buttons.


Find Comics

Check out trending comics, read the latest political cartoons, search comics by category, see what's popular, and view all GC titles in alphabetical order.


Best Of

Here you'll find a link to our daily Editor's Top 5 picks, the GoComics Recommends section, the new Lists section (previously known as "Collections"), and the GoComics Blog.



The Shop button continues to take you to your favorite items straight from the GoComics homepage.


User Section



The User Section makes it easy to use and manage your account via the My Comics button, an avatar button, and a notifications button.

If you haven't signed in or don't have an account, the navigation will display the Sign Up and Sign In buttons. Unregistered users can sign up for a free or premium account via the Sign Up button.



My Comics

Free and premium users can now find all of their content under the My Comics button.


My Comics Page


The My Comics Page site is where you can find all of the comics you have subscribed to under the Comics I Follow tab. You can also find your Saved Comic Strips, edit your profile, and make changes to your account.


Comics I Follow

Following comics puts each of their latest installments in one place, the Comics I Follow page. You can add comics as you browse by clicking "Subscribe". While on the Comics I Follow page, you can add comics by clicking "Edit Page" to browse the GoComics content list and clicking the plus icon next to the comics you would like to add.

To remove selections, use the "Edit Page" link on your My Comics page, or click on the "Unfollow This Comic" button on any comics page.

Your My Comics page displays selections in the order that you made them by default. From the top of your My Comics list, click "Edit Page" to re-order your comics.


Saved Comic Strips

The Saved Comic Strips page contains all of the comics that were previously called Favorites. Picking a comic you'd like to save has not changed, however. Click the thumbtack icon next to a comic to save it.


My Account

Clicking your user avatar will give you the option to view your account information, view your user profile, or simply sign out.



The Notifications button displays an alert each time someone likes or replies to one of your comments. Notifications can be excused all at once, or one at a time.


Enjoy the navigation updates and remember to read comics every day!