In the tradition of titles like Tom the Dancing Bug, Andy P's Ice Cream Sandwich Comics may or may not have anything to do with ice cream or sandwiches or even ice cream sandwiches. It may seem like false advertising as the latest GoComics series is launching in the midst of the dog days of summer, but we assure you, the ICSC strips are every bit as satisfying as their namesake, with none of the calories.

Posting comics on Tumblr since last summer, Andy P. comes to GC ready to rumble with surreal gags, relatable insights, and video game grandeur. Recently, he's even added animation to the ICSC experience, with a YouTube channel stocked with a growing assortment of cartoons.



What awaits you in Andy's realm of fidget spinners, Pokémon cards, Overwatch references, and meditations on Monopoly? Our educated guess is... zaniness? We dunno, it's up to him!

You can sink your teeth into the first installment of Ice Cream Sandwich Comics on GoComics today, with new updates slated every week.