That NPR, it never could keep a secret. Unlike your intrepid GoComics blogger friend Caleb G., NPR's Invisibilia wasn't able to resist exposing cherished Dumbwich Castle creator Lord Birthday's true identity!

No, we aren't going to spoil it here in the text. You'll have to discover LB's dual life by hopping in the latest Invisibilia episode at around the 20:00 mark.



What will happen once you learn LB's identity? We're not sure since we don't dare speak it aloud. Like all apt sorcerers, we understand that names have power, after all. There's a good chance he'll be forced to return to the 5th Dimension a la Superman's impish foe Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Get to know Lord Birthday even better in this awesome interview about duality, identity and whether or not it's cool to cuss.