We tend to think of celestial bodies -- including the beautiful, water-covered rock we call home -- as profound, stoic pieces of a majestic revolving system that defies human comprehension. Turns out that the sun, the moon and even Mother Earth herself are just like you and me... only far less vulnerable to the cold vacuum of space.

That's the premise of Sara Zimmerman's Unearthed Comics, where space is a family dealing with everything from holiday stress to parental learning curves to coffee overconsumption.




Zimmerman's insights into the human condition pop with planetary aplomb via cosmic (and cute) iconography. It's the special kind of relatable you wouldn't expect from, say, Saturn, but it works.

Unearthed Comics is now spinning through space, with Monday and Wednesday updates you can set your sundial to. You can dig in and unearth a new favorite today.