GoComics is stoked to announce its biggest creator event in the history of the known universe this April at Planet Comicon Kansas City.

On April 28-30 at Bartle Hall, fans can find 30 of their favorite GoComics creators and friends in one convenient continent of tables. There'll be signings, a special panel, a massive giveaway, and more fun than you're normally able to process without the aid of special fun-processing technology.

So who's coming, exactly? You may want to sit down before you read this list:



Sarah Andersen - Sarah's Scribbles

Bill Amend - FoxTrot

Stephan Pastis - Pearls Before Swine

Nick Seluk - The Awkward Yeti

Alex Norris - Dorris McComics

Chris Harding - We The Robots

Dave Mercier - MercWorks

Megan McKay - Doodle For Food

Chris Grady - Lunarbaboon

Shen T - Owlturd

Julia Kaye - Up and Out

Todd Clark - Lola

Brian Gordon - Fowl Language

Sara Zimmerman - Unearthed Comics

Maria Scrivan - Half Full

Olivia Walch - Imogen Quest

Enzo Comics  - Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Hanna Pirita Lehkonen - Immortal Nerd

Dan Martin - Deathbulge

Jason Anarchy - Drinking Quest

Ben Zaehringer - Berkeley Mews

J.L. Westover -Mr. Lovenstein

Kevin Kuramura - Pear-Shaped Comics

Laura Romagnoli - Average Adventures of an Average Girl

Patabot - BFGF Syndrome

Jane Zei - The Pigeon Gazette

Deya Muniz - Brutally Honest

David Daneman - The DaneMen

Aaron Lenk - Big Simple Comics

Jose Rojas - Button Mash Productions


You can catch the creators at our continent of tables, plus panels and a special offsite drink-and-draw event at Kansas City's Tapcade! You can click to read our full event schedule here.

If you can't make it to Planet Comicon Kansas City, we've got you covered. We're collecting a heaping helping of signed comics and other merch from each of the attending creators for a special giveaway for eligable GC fans in the U.S. It's... uh... Swag Bag City? Yeah. Swag Bag City.

Click this button that tells you to click on it to enter for a chance to win (and read the full rules here).



Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017 can't come soon enough!