Lord Birthday is the master of all the surveys in Dumbwich Castle, a four-sided comic that injects whimsy into wisdom, forming a kind of... whimsdym. Such whimsdym is rare indeed from a relatively young creator, but the experience of posting multiple times a week for nearly a year and a half at his Instagram account has honed a confident leader willing to share knowledge and spread universal truths.

Like so:




Many comics aren't brave enough to tell readers what they need to hear. Partially because they can't hear questions. They're comics, not ears! Even so, Dumbwich Castle delivers practical advice weekly. It's easy to read and easier to internalize. Are you strong enough to follow through outside of a simulation? Will you employ the teachings of the maestro in your week-to-week once the training wheels are off? That, gentle reader, is up to you.

You know what else is up to you? Checking out Dumbwich Castle today. We have every confidence you'll benefit from its counsel.