You probably think that headline is self-serving. But I assure you, it is like a gas station in Oregon or New Jersey, in that it is only full-serving. A full serving of truth, that is. 

We could be here for hours if I was to tell you about all the times an editor on our squad has prevented a cartoonist from getting into hot water. So much so, that I think we'd all be qualified for jobs as hot tub lifeguards if such a ridiculous thing existed in this world. What a strange and delicious world that would be! LOL! 

Because our time here is short, I will share one story from our editors Reed Jackson and Clint Hooker (BTW not the two famous Civil War generals). 

Jackson recalls:


It was a blustery day in Kansas City, the breezy spring air was playing havoc on my kilt, but otherwise it seemed a normal day. It was a Thursday, aka "Deadline Day" for the Duke, which is the nickname John Wayne stole from Marmaduke. We were sitting by the coffee bar drinking Hazelnut Sanka Americanos and editing/laughing at this wonderfully plus-sized canine. 


Hooker remembers: 


I was coming off of a big calve workout at lunch and excited to read my Marm. "My Marm" is what I call Marmaduke, BTW. I was sipping a butterscotch latte when I first saw it. Let's just say I drank that latte down like a real latte lover would and said, "There's no way we can run this."


Something was wrong. But what? 




Do you see that? OMG! This almost went out. Now you and I may find this funny, but I can assure you that normal people would not. So the editors made a quick call and had a great long laugh of misunderstanding with the Andersons. For the record, the Andersons claimed innocence, but we have our suspicions. LOL!

Below is the revised version that ran in newspapers and on on May 1, 2014:




Hysterical, right? And hopefully, this one story will silence all those numerous folks out there who are always criticizing and hating editors.  Please remember that editors are people two*.


Editor's note: *too, right? We can never remember...