Congrats to Betty! Twenty-five (25) years of making people laugh is an incredible feat. Speaking of incredible feet, I once sliced a melon in half by swiping my big toenail across its delicious skin. That melon tasted better than normal, because I had worked for it. 

But today isn't about me and my melons, it's about Betty, Bub, Junior and all the domestic hilarity they've brought to us over the years. Noted Canadians Gerry Rasmussen and Gary Delainey (sometimes known as G+G Comic Factory in the industry) were college pals who dared to dream and 25 years later they've been telling a story that delights readers with its sharp observation and gentle, funny characters. 




I am not going to be audacious enough to sit here and demand that you go read the Betty archives, but if you did, you would feel better and I'd just bet a toothy smile would sit on your face for a good long time.

Congrats G+G!