Art is my family's vocation. My mom and dad met in art school, and I was extremely fortunate to grow up in a home where drawing and creativity were truly celebrated and fostered. My father is a cartoonist; I have strong, meaningful memories of the smells of magic markers and poster paints, and the sounds of jazz and old-time radio emanating from his studio. The artistic lessons I learned there and throughout the rest of the house were key to my desire to become an artist.


I studied drawing and painting in art school. Upon graduating, I began to show my artwork in galleries, but I soon discovered that this venue was not right for me. Wishing to reach a wider audience and tell stories, I began to illustrate and write children's books. Over the years, I've created a number of fiction and non-fiction titles that have been published by Viking and G.P. Putnam Sons. Most of my books have featured animals - real or imaginary - harkening back to my childhood interest in animals (I used to keep a menagerie in my room - more olfactory memories!). My one non-animal-themed book centers on another long-term interest of mine: architecture.


At the same time the illustration technique for my children's books was becoming increasingly tighter in style, my colleagues and friends were noting that they liked the freshness of my preparatory sketches. Their observations helped me realize that I needed a break; I'd been moving away from the fun I'd had making art when I was younger. Instead of buying a sports car, my mid-life crisis consisted of learning to loosen up with my drawing and have fun doing it!


About six years ago, I began sharing my drawings online. I scanned many old and new drawings and posted them on Facebook, sometimes with titles or captions, and sometimes without. My friends made playful responses to this posted work, which I greatly enjoyed.  I was thrilled when, about three and a half years ago, I was given the opportunity to post my drawings as a feature on GoComics.

That's when The LeftyBosco Picture Show was born.

Who is LeftyBosco? "Lefty" and "Bosco" were two nicknames my father called me when I was a kid; I like the ring of the names when combined. I added the phrase "Picture Show" to the title, because it accurately describes what I'm doing with my daily drawing feature. "Picture Show" also evokes old cinema, another big inspiration for me.


My feature presents a variety of drawing styles and subjects: from doodles to rendered drawings, from playful to poignant. I occasionally offer glimpses into my older sketchbooks; sometimes I create new work that's kicking around in my head. I've developed various series, as well, such as Rejected by the Patent Office, Pet of the Day and Saturdoodleday. I'm delighted to read the comments and captions that viewers are kind enough to make each day.





I am currently working on a number of art projects. One project features a main character named Wellington Winthrop, whose world has been glimpsed on my Picture Show over the years. I am collaborating with the talented writer Carol Walsh Greer on an illustrated novel featuring Mr. Wellington.


So stay tuned to The LeftyBosco Picture Show, and please leave a comment if you are so inclined. Thank you!

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