Tom the Dancing Bug 25th Anniversary
SOURCE: Tom the Dancing Bug blog by Ruben Bolling

That's right, comic fans - Tom the Dancing Bug, the hilariously satirical comic strip by Ruben Bolling, celebrates its 25th birthday today, as announced by Bolling in his latest blog post.  

In the post, he tells the story of how Tom the Dancing Bug got its start "a quarter of a century ago today(ish)," with "a young, fresh-faced" Bolling entering the "hallowed offices" of the New York Perspectives newspaper "with nothing but a dream and a picture of murderous fetus." The fetus he's referring to is the subject of the very first Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon, which was re-published today on GoComics.

Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling

Bolling goes on to thank all of the editors, art directors and publishers who've supported him, as well as his dedicated readers because, as he puts it, "Without people reading the comic "... well, it could certainly have existed, but it would have been more of a sad, outsider-art kind of thing, with county authorities discovering in the home of a deceased loner thousands [of] elaborate drawings and stories about australopithecines, time-travelers, nap-taking aliens and politicians."

Congratulations and thank you, Ruben Bolling, for working hard and being hilarious! Happy 25th birthday to Tom the Dancing Bug!

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