Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel for September 23, 2016

  1. Leprechaun
    oldpine52  about 7 years ago

    You act like he did it on porpoise.

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  2. Large goat riddance
    Gweedo -it's legal here- Murray  about 7 years ago

    You mean he doesn’t get to live in a tank a minute fraction the size of the open ocean !? Ohh, the horror !!!

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  3. Unnamed  1
    Doctor Toon  about 7 years ago

    If his grades drop any lower he will have to work at C world

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  4. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member about 7 years ago

    I wish I could have finagled a “B” in Calculus.

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  5. Img
    Bob.  about 7 years ago

    Calculus came just after lunch. I could hardly stay awake.

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  6. Avatar
    Marblemouth  about 7 years ago

    It took me awhile to catch on to the stuff. I had an F at nine weeks but got a 100 on the final.

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  7. 150606 petunias 003
    MontanaLady  about 7 years ago

    They didn’t push upper math for us girls way back then…….but, I sure showed them, eventually I became the in-house accountant and CFO until I retired! But, I guess I didn’t need calculus after all. :))

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  8. Opy
    xpurplezebra  about 7 years ago

    This is a rerun

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  9. Stellers sea eagle japan 31794 100x75
    UpaCoCoCreek Premium Member about 7 years ago

    No, he’ll have a promising but short career at Long John Silvers though.

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  10. Frog4
    Digital Frog  about 7 years ago

    He’s so much better than C World

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  11. Missing large
    gammaguy  about 7 years ago

    Mom should keep up with the news. Sea World has stopped “hiring”.

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