Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel for July 07, 2012

  1. Ukrane
    JP Steve Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Irish stew? German sausage?

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  2. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Someone’s looking a little under the feather.

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  3. Little b
    Dani Rice  almost 10 years ago

    Nope, it’s nobody you know. Just the previous patient.

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  4. 150606 petunias 003
    MontanaLady  almost 10 years ago

    Laughing face in her hair…….

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  5. Jumping spider 12 by macrojunkie
    lancemay  almost 10 years ago


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  6. 181963 10150403407290214 84362875213 17424814 5846484 n
    metropolitan gnome  almost 10 years ago

    chickens are actually cannibals.

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  7. Potatoheadworkingasfood
    DanReynolds  almost 10 years ago

    Seriously, this is an exact re-do of a famous Far Side cartoon!No one else reading this cartoon today noticed that?

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  8. 150606 petunias 003
    MontanaLady  almost 10 years ago

    I don’t think our Thom would intentionally rip off another cartoonist!!!!!!!!!!! He has too much integrity and just plain good manners!

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  9. Beafraidmyspace
    saxie5  almost 10 years ago

    Chicken Soup for the Chicken Soul?

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  10. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  almost 10 years ago

    I thought of Far Side too—but Gary Larsen never made faces of the nurse’s belly, or the Chicken’s knees.

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  11. 100309 jerry todds donurt patch
    TheAuldWan  almost 10 years ago

    and here began the break up of the family….

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  12. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Don’t sweat it, Thom. Dan has been accused of same on a number of occasions, as mentioned by Eldo. it is possible for cartoonist to come up with similar ideas with a different twist. I wonder how, with all the cartoons in the vaults accumulated over these many years, anyone can come up with completely original ideas.

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  13. Thom caric thumb
    thombluemel Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Thanks to all of you for your support!! I think Dan makes a great cartoon (called “Unwrapped”), and I think he knows how easy it is to come up with similar ideas. He called me on another one once where he thought I may have “ripped off” one of his cartoons; but in the end, we both agreed it was just a coincidence. I would like to assure all my readers, though, that I NEVER EVER copy or try to “riff” other cartoonists’ ideas. Anyone who knows me knows my brain is off kilter enough all by itself. It does bother me to think anyone might think I would do something like that, but know that if there is any similarity between one of my cartoons and another, it is pure coincidence and never intentional. If I had intended to rip off other cartoonists, I would have titled my cartoon, “Copycat.” But then, I like birds too much to give cats that much attention.

    Anyway, thanks for reading this unintentionally unoriginal cartoon!


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  14. Witch
    lin4869  almost 10 years ago

    I NEVER think you’re deliberately repeating someones ideas. Not only have I not seen the Far Side cartoon, but this one is funny. Faces are a definite bonus! Please continue to delight. :-)

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  15. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    I’ve seen a few. Other than the one that has standing Cows. Then one of them sees a car and warns the rest and they all get back to all 4’s. Other than that, I couldn’t possibly remember another Far Side. It was so long ago and I was so young.

    However, Curiosity will forever be engraved in my mind. My personal all-time favorite.

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  16. Kizzy
    fran650  almost 10 years ago

    I don’t know who this Don Reynolds person is but he needs to find some fun and enjoy his time rather than trying to demean the work of others. So go get a life Don person. I trust Thom and I am confident he will continue to publish original work for all to enjoy. And Thank You, Thom, for starting each of my days with fun.

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  17. Potatoheadworkingasfood
    DanReynolds  almost 10 years ago

    1. Eldo… I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please be more specific instead of making a general statement. And, yes, it IS the same joke.2. Montana Lady…Calm down, please. I made NO reference that Thom ripped the Far Side cartoon off. Your comment infers that’s what I did. Go back and read my comment. I just pointed out it’s the same cartoon which it is.3.Allan…Did you read your own post? I don’t mean it IS the Far Side cartoon (as in the exact one Larson (with an “o”, not an “e”) drew. I’m saying it the same joke….which it is.4. Thom..Yes, I go to Google and try to find every idea I come up with to make sure it hasn’t been done before. It’s not 100% proof, but it’s pretty good and A LOT better than not doing anything to see if an idea has been done before.

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  18. Potatoheadworkingasfood
    DanReynolds  almost 10 years ago


    Calm down. Why are you being so melodramatic?

    Where do you see me saying Thom STOLE this cartoon????

    I said it was the same cartoon. I didn’t say he STOLE it. If I’m making it up that it is the same cartoon (and by same cartoon, I mean the same GAG – not drawing – of Gary Larson’s. You don’t have to believe me. It’s a fact. That isn’t to put Thom down or say he’s a thieving scumbag. (From your response, you’d think that was what you think I’m writing.

    Thom’s a great guy. My comment is nothing about him. He just did what any cartoonist could do…re-create something that’s been done before. What if someone mistakenly re-created one of Thom’s best cartoons ever? Thom might (I know I would) like the cartoonist to just know that that a particular cartoon has already been done.

    One method I use to try to guard against this is to Google all my ideas and look under images to see if the cartoon has been done before.

    So, Fran650, and others who think, for some reason, I’m attacking Thom, please don’t assume or read into a post. Read what was said, not what you THINK was said. I just pointed out a fact (you can see it for yourself – it’s not MY opinion). I said nothing at all about Thom’s character or anything about his “ripping off” a cartoon, etc. That all came from a few poster’s minds.

    I find it interesting how one person can make their own interpretation of what was said (which is nothing at all like what was actually said) and then other readers respond to this interpretation as if it has anything to do with what was actually said in the first place. Some posters are creating their own realities here. Not to mention my first name which is “Dan”, not “Don”, but again if you READ what is actually written, you will see what IS written.

    Going off in anger over something that wasn’t even said is a reflection of you, the commenter on a post, as opposed to someone who made a straight forward, non-accusatory post.

    Remember, smiling uses less muscles and effort than frowning.

    Have a good one.


    Btw, fran650, the cartoon is called “REYNOLDS UNWRAPPED” You can check it out at

    I do a daily cartoon you can subscribe to if you so desire.

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