Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for November 14, 2021

  1. Large 911 uy74wlid  2
    ᑌᑎKᑎOᗯᑎ  7 months ago

    collection? Now thats just weird

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  2. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  7 months ago

    The potato Mr. Galvin’s holding looks like clay

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  3. 1e7911a6bfcccec29152e78652989d4b
    Tessie  7 months ago

    Aaand this one has been done before also. I understand collecting those things, but keeping them at school seems weird…

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  4. 3a89fcad c132 4c4b 878a 531d4994bc94
    Gotti  7 months ago

    Looks like Johnny Depp’s stupid face. Fourth.

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  5. Missing large
    jloh1138  7 months ago

    i bet nate just keeps a whole bunch of potatoes in his locker. not surprising considering how many treasures are IN his locker

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  6. Aacea41c 9c1a 47e9 9857 d044c8fd6632
    Meme Dee Dee (king of the comic reviewers)  7 months ago

    No, it kind of looks like an Everlasting Gobstopper.

    Also, that kind of proves that the Big Nate Novel and Big Nate comic universe are the same.

    8/10 These tricks are getting more creative.

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  7. Large screenshot 2020 11 19 at 4.03.41 pm
    Dragongirl55  7 months ago

    I rather like the ‘Nate distracts a teacher with an intriguing topic’ trope. It may have been done several times before, but it’s usually well-executed and has a nice new spin on it each time.

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  8. Gfds
    Spring Fever Nate (Comic Reviewer)   7 months ago

    i have returned

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  9. Missing large
    villanoville  7 months ago

    This is a nice strip. The kids get freedom from a quiz, and Mr Galvin gets to share some of his interests. Its a win-win and a bit wholesome in a way. IMO there’s nothing wrong with some repetition here and there, but they should be good repetition.

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  10. 27d102e0 643b 4c5f b317 cf1da1df7efb
    BeeBuzzers  7 months ago

    i didnt even know who john depp was until i searched him up…..

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  11. Capture
    n8torious (Daily comic reviewer)  7 months ago

    Hmmmmm, this basic thing has been used before. 3/10 for this strip.

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  12. Yp cunhf 400x400
    Rocket  7 months ago

    Hello, I am quincy’s clone. It is very hard to tell the difference. This comic proves nate’s iQ. Anyways goodbye.

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  13. Randy the looser
    (NOT) Randy Betancourt  7 months ago

    That’s pretty weird. But can I just ask how old even is this god damn teacher???? I think his wrinkles also have wrinkles.

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  14. Heyyyy
  15. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   7 months ago

    Anything is better than a pop quiz I guess

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  16. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   7 months ago

    This works every time. Old teachers are so easy to fool, no offense to anybody

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  17. B7ba201f 35bb 4c4d aaac a4df818dd400
    Johnny Appleseed   7 months ago

    Oh yeah the pirate hat and all really makes it look like Johnny Depp

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  18. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  7 months ago

    Wait, why is his locker that clean?

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  19. Chesster
    Chesster McNuggets  7 months ago

    Johnny Depp has been mentioned in Big Nate a few times before. I wonder if he’s Peirce’s fav actor???

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  20. 3264bd50 a002 4880 bf74 251a7d8ac709
    Garfield's mum  7 months ago

    7/10 cant go wrong with a pop quiz strip.

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  21. Cobra 1
    [Traveler]  7 months ago

    Nice to see Nate save the day

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  22. Large matthias fanslau free file
    Matthias Fanslau   7 months ago


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  23. Pearl snip
    stepzla  7 months ago

    This reminds me of when Johnnie Carson had on the Tonite Show a woman that collected unusual potato chips. She is involved in showing off her chips when Jonnie pulls out a bag of chips from his desk and very audibly crunches a chip from the bag. Her head snaps up and the shocked look on her face is hillarious!

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  24. Screenshot 2022 01 25 10.35.05 am
    Principal Nichols (Formerly Mr Galvin)  7 months ago

    whos Johnny Depp

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  25. Tubby
  26. Nightwatch sentinel
    gamingnewscentral  7 months ago

    Ok he likes weirdly shaped potatoes. That’s strange but ok

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  27. 96480   copy  2
    Goat from PBS  7 months ago

    More effective than the Distraction Dance.

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  28. Urban lakshmi
    Bucinka  7 months ago

    Couple things:


    —The first panel reminded me of when some of us would get wind of a fire drill impending in the dorm. “Um, gee, RA, I would stick around, but I have this critical organic chemistry exam Tuesday and HAVE to go to the library and study!” Those fire alarms would wake the dead.>>—More than once in high school calculus, we could delay a test by a day by bringing in a cake. There was a high-end supermarket with a wicked bakery behind the school, and sometimes we would walk over there, order a half sheet cake, get the counter girl to decorate it with the quadratic equation, and bring it in. The teacher would relent—for one day. She liked cake, too! But never more than one day.

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  29. Omega pfp of gocomics
    toasted  7 months ago

    Well listen here mr galvin, I’ve got one shaped like mr. potato head.

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  30. E56079dc 2b47 4fab 8227 de143eb778ae
    Rusticism  7 months ago

    I’ve seen this before!

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  31. Missing large
    raybarb44  7 months ago

    We had a teacher like that at St Francis High School named Father Baptist. All you had to do to get him to divert his attention was to ask him any irrelevant question and he was good for 20 minutes. He had a great personality and a good heart. I know that he is smiling from heaven right now. I, as a teacher, can only be diverted for about 3 minutes……

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  32. Cd4fbf7a 1df8 4061 b2f4 352ca8855c53
    Darcy wu  7 months ago

    They would rather take this than a quiz?

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  33. Flat 750x1000 075 f.u5
    SauceRelics.   7 months ago

    this is a pretty good sunday strip. but this was almost a word for word recycled joke from the time mr galvin went on about greta van susteren

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  34. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  7 months ago

    Score one for our boy. Nate deserves a victory for once.

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  35. Large images  3
    Mario Kart  7 months ago

    How does Nate know about Mr. Galvin being into unusually shaped potatoes? Has Nate been venting again?

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  36. Missing large
    paullp Premium Member 7 months ago

    For once, Nate is the hero? Amazing. Interesting that sort of fits in with today’s Big Nate: First Class, in which Nate is bragging to Francis about being street smart.

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  37. Missing large
    schaefer jim  7 months ago

    Well played Nate!

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  38. Hat large square
    Cactus-Pete  7 months ago

    So no one knows the material? But somehow they did know a quiz was coming?

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  39. Painting a song
    pokewok66  7 months ago

    love how his box was labled spuds not potatoes

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  40. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member 7 months ago

    If they ever make it to college they might have to take a poop quiz in their Bio 202 class. If they ever get out of elementary school.

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  41. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 7 months ago

    …funny how when Nate opened his locker to obtain the needed totem, the usual tidal wave of stuff dating back to (it isn’t out of the question, considering….) Columbus’ landing in the western hemisphere and maybe even further back then thatdidn’t thunder out of the opened door………

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  42. Death from above reduced size
    donwestonmysteries  7 months ago

    Pop quiz tomorrow.

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  43. Teddynick
    Comment Section Teddy says Big Nate show out now!!  7 months ago

    This once happened but with a celebrity in a cab.

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  44. Copyright boats
    tinstar  7 months ago

    Well, that’s rather unfortunate.

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  45. Unnamed
    HK-47   7 months ago

    Statement: I was gone and now I have returned to this.

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  46. Ffc0f97d c693 40ce 84ae 99c57cefab24
    ႵႹმႵ FმႵ ႺმႵ  7 months ago

    This joke has been done before

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  47. 403c3321 679f 4e19 acdd 08cf91ed181a
    l.e.o..,  7 months ago

    I wonder what the next is ngl

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  48. Heyyyy
    SoapySoapHatesFurries (thatababy/RAT!)  7 months ago

    who here funny

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  49. Screenshot 2022 04 28 at 11.39.48 pm
    Swayamplays  7 months ago

    Imagine if he did that every class.

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  50. Img257371269022
    Aero" The StarShroom"64  7 months ago

    Well said Mr. Galvin I’m no stranger to Idaho’s best.

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  51. Tenor  4
    elmo the dancing puppet  7 months ago

    thats kinda smart

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  52. Tumblr 333e05a437c59ce374c9fa5445539aa2 61bb5269 250
    YukoSaq.HeartyWoman  7 months ago

    nothin better than a fresh pfp

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  53. Buzzlightyear
    Culer (super mega based fc barcelona fan of gc)  7 months ago

    Everybody gangsta untill we find out a comic is basically a clone

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  54. Ad68fa06e3f2d3663805121bdd70e211
    SansTheSkeleton  7 months ago

    Potatoe potato

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  55. Download
    The_Cracker  7 months ago

    This is a combination of the comic where nate shows francis and teddy his cheez doodle collection, and any of the comics where nate distracts Mr. Galvin in some way

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  56. Missing large
    clayface9 Premium Member 7 months ago

    He had a potato in his locker?

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  57. Large images  1
    3D Anxious Nate  7 months ago

    And some people probably thought Nate wasn’t smart.

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  58. Screen shot 2021 08 31 at 10.33.11 am
    EEEEEEE  7 months ago

    Mr. Galvin is actually smiling lol

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  59. Missing large
    globalenterprize1990  7 months ago

    The weak minded are easily distracted.

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  60. Large mrs godfrey 831527 normal
    ms.godfrey (Comic Reviewer)  7 months ago


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  61. Large mrs godfrey 831527 normal
    ms.godfrey (Comic Reviewer)  7 months ago


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  62. White
    DM9001  7 months ago

    There’s always a bunch of comics where Nate knows the teachers too well and takes advantage of them at the end. I think there could at least be some sort of comics where Nate ends up failing to do this to mix it up and divert the readers’ expectations. Honestly, it’s getting pretty repetitive at this point

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  63. Large screenshot 2022 03 24 11.25.51
    Free Ukraine   7 months ago

    nice one nate

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  64. Doge with a nose
    Vincent Van Diesel  5 months ago

    somewhat reused joke, last time it was the time he shared a cab with florence henderson

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    !An error has occurred! Profile number: 3289573  about 1 month ago


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