Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for December 12, 2020

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    ChadToTheBone  over 2 years ago

    Rest assured,no one will ever forget Nate. Chad will tell his story,and Chad is immortal,so he will never perish

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  2. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  over 2 years ago

    Well the principal is now angry

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  3. Photo
    rey mondia  over 2 years ago

    Was that the other script? O_O

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  4. 1241026091 youve been rickrolled
    Valence (UwU) ✔️   over 2 years ago

    Imagine if a quote in a middle school newspaper was the only thing you were remembered for.

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  5. Ned dickens
    Ned Dickens  over 2 years ago

    I think Mrs. Godfrey somehow found Nate’s list of memorable sayings from the other day that had the one insulting her..

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  6. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    TheJustinator  over 2 years ago

    Poll: What happened? Is the arc gonna continue about Nate going to the Principals office, or is this just a gag, meaning it won’t continue?

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  7. Unnamed
    MegaEthan  over 2 years ago

    What did Nate even do though?

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  8. Giphy  1
    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  over 2 years ago

    Danget Nate

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  9. 7a8b46312c37e74be568884d68fecd4f
    Space Guy   over 2 years ago

    thats a little sus, principal nichols

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  10. Missing large
    raybarb44  over 2 years ago

    Fame is fleeting. Seek it and you will go mad….

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  11. C05c9a73 c929 433d b3ee 6e9d9e66114c
    Martin Wright  over 2 years ago

    Don’t worry, you aren’t leaving anytime soon Nate.

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  12. Large enwshlkvcaene4x
    Toga is Epic  over 2 years ago

    It was a school record I’m pretty sure.

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  13. Poundmaker
    oblivicorn  over 2 years ago

    Don’t worry, Nate. Your detention record’s got that taken care of for ya.

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  14. Img 0952
    joegeethree  over 2 years ago

    Yeah, this kid will be the “whatever happened to ‘whatsisname,’ you know who I mean,” in future get togethers when they’re adults.

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  15. Nate24
    BiggerNate91  over 2 years ago

    Nate will always be remembered, just not for the reasons he wants.

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  16. Big nate
    classiccomixs  over 2 years ago

    impeccable timing

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  17. Missing large
    mustrol  over 2 years ago

    You won’t be forgotten, Nate..

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    lethotdestroyer  over 2 years ago

    on the first day of christmas, santa gave to me

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  19. Happy
    Happy Eevee  over 2 years ago

    Nate is the legend of the detention room.

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  20. Gi
    I like anime  over 2 years ago

    Wow. I wonder wut happened this time.

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  21. Img 20201123 201142
    Mando  over 2 years ago

    2000 detentions is hard to beat Nate.

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  22. Missing large
    theincrediblebulk  over 2 years ago

    I used to be memorable, but most of those who remembered me have passed on. Most of my extended family know I’m related somehow since i show up to funerals, but no one is exactly sure how i’m related, what my name is or where they’ve seen me before.

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  23. Screenshot  36
    ItzBigNATELover_2021 Premium Member over 2 years ago


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  24. Photo
    MatthewMukkala  over 2 years ago

    What do you think he did?

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  25. Source
    Amelia ≧◇≦  over 2 years ago

    Good luck with THAT Nate…

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  26. Sasuke  vs itachi  render 8  u  ninja blazing  by maxiuchiha22 on deviantart
    AnimeGamerJames$25  over 2 years ago

    Dee Dee’s right.

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  27. Download  5
    Infinity Legend  over 2 years ago

    Ouch Dee Dee just roasted nate!

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  28. 15881196228334058366233817763124
    Pizza_lover  about 2 years ago

    The principal is surely not going to forget Nate.

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  29. E56079dc 2b47 4fab 8227 de143eb778ae
    Rusticism  about 2 years ago

    This was the first daily comic I read. Before that, I read the complete Big Nate books.

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  30. Pop
    Nyan the Cat:)   over 1 year ago

    dee dee’s SO right

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  31. Large images  3
    Mario Kart  over 1 year ago

    What did he do?

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