Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for December 05, 2020

  1. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  10 months ago

    20 days until Christmas

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  2. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  10 months ago

    Nates going a bit mad with power I think

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  3. Photo
    rey mondia  10 months ago

    Dear Dirtbag, stop with the Twitter thing.

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  4. 149 1498198 owls clipart snowy owl cartoon snowy owl
    Space_Owl on GoComics   10 months ago

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night early readers! You know, it’s not the Internet that’s an awful thing, it’s the people who make it that way.

    (Sorry, that was random)

    Have a fantastic day!

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  5. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  10 months ago

    Does anyone know what happened to ready for Linus?

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  6. Screenshot from 2020 08 10 18 25 17 animation
    Teddy √ Ortiz ✔️  10 months ago

    I wonder who ‘Confused’ is…

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  7. Fire
    (/OwO)/  10 months ago

    Yeah, maybe you can expose them for being racist because of their animal crossing characters’ hair and cancel them

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  8. Spitsy screenshot
    SpitsyTheDoge  10 months ago

    modern problems require modern solutions

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  9. E9ca737e 4012 4b24 940c 8afab815e2f1
    Qibbs2.0  10 months ago

    I mean Nate could be on to something

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  10. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    TheJustinator  10 months ago

    My Response

    Dear Confused, I think you should tell a teacher or your parent/guardian. You should not tease them back, because that is revenge, and revenge is bad.

    [ok i know that’s not perfect but whatever]

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  11. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    TheJustinator  10 months ago

    Big Nate is really blending in with 2020…

    First mentioning TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. If the strip makes an Among Us arc, I’ll go CRAZY!!

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  12. Nd
    Ned Dickens  10 months ago

    “…Not just any account but the account of the posse leader (Marcus) by hacking, and send the worst advice anyone can give to their henchmen. Those dirtbags would take “his” advice resulting in them all embarrassing themselves and quitting his posse. Mr. Popularity would never be popular again!!! AHAHAHAHA"

    (Inspired by “The Secrets to Ruling School” by Neil Swaab)

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  13. D4ba6e20 d79f 451c 9c00 d2cd26da26ff
    LordVoldemort  10 months ago

    No, no, please, keep going, this is getting interesting.

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  14. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  10 months ago

    Here’s the issue: The popular kids are going to get mad that you humiliated them and search out whoever did it. Also, the solution will probably break some sort of law about libel.

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  15. Img 20201123 201142
    Mando  10 months ago

    That is the way to make them stop. Not the RIGHT way but still a way.

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  16. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 10 months ago

    She can’t stop him now…..he’s on a roll…….

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  17. Squirrel eating chips
    Cedar the squirrel  10 months ago

    Dude, harsh

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  18. Blaine copy
    DRMFeint  10 months ago

    Smart plan, twitter is where to go to cancel people :)

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  19. 685706
    TheLastRS6   10 months ago

    When Gina gets mad she looks weird

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  20. Missing large
    raybarb44  10 months ago

    If not to help, what good is an advice column. Nates mistake is that he needs to give options, not just one tactic……

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  21. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 10 months ago

    Why stop? Nate is unexpectedly good at this job.

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  22. Large screen shot 2020 12 07 at 11.28.56 am
    Nate on GoComics  10 months ago

    Good advice Nate!

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  23. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 10 months ago

    Spoken like a true insider

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  24. C198737b 0e7a 49c1 a4c6 cf35f52316b3
    coolpuppy3214  10 months ago

    Chad for president 2024. “Cuteness and Justice under one nation.”

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  25. Aaue7mbr8auois ypvqk8dpxgf7bbxed6xpziye7qy1p
    Videomakingboi!  10 months ago


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  26. Screenshot 20200705 152719 google
    Slayer  10 months ago

    Fun Fact Of The Day: Lincoln Peirce said in a Big Nate Comic that Nate lives in Maine.

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  27. Aac5f606595b8d1a1cec1fd625cffaea
    2021Sonic2021 CEO of K.A.S.N  10 months ago


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  28. Photo
    yousufmohammedmohiuddin  10 months ago


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  29. Rainbow nate
    Swayamplays  10 months ago


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  30. Nateshow
    BiggerNate91  10 months ago

    This is the guy that suggested to tick off a teacher in order to deal with an irritating kid. We really gave him another opportunity?

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  31. Avatar92
    JPuzzleWhiz  10 months ago

    “…and then make wild, unsubstantiated claims about widespread voter fraud…” d;o)

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  32. Dancing banana gif moving 5
  33. Aoh14ggzbvhkponuerhud8lcneyntsu3kz4az6i6get5
    JulianJet  10 months ago

    Would twitter be a good place? Currently there’s been a bunch of cancelling there.

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  34. 29d60eed 7e37 4c1b bec0 d379042cb591
    BrookhavenLuver  10 months ago

    Maybe its Gina who wrote the letter

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  35. C05c9a73 c929 433d b3ee 6e9d9e66114c
    Martin Wright  10 months ago

    I thought it would be the quote book…

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  36. Me
    MyTacoWillFightYou[UwU]  10 months ago

    Is he going to make confused cyber bully them ?

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  37. Missing large
    NFT Lawn Care  10 months ago

    Why are there so many comments all of a sudden?

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  38. E362d876 3d43 4e0d b244 d0c89100d0be
    John-117  10 months ago

    Dear Confused,

    Try thinking about why the Popular kids are making fun of you. I advise just become the quiet kid and bringing a Glock to school, they ain’t ever going to make fun of you again.

    (This comment was meant only for laughs and was not supposed to encourage school shootings, if you took any offense by this comment I am terribly sorry.)

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  39. 55d3ae49 dae8 421d 95b5 dac791dbfd17
    CrossDoggo™ ✔️  10 months ago

    I literally just got a “Sign up for Twitter” ad lmao

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  40. 363290bb 627a 4f79 88cd 7cd4f5049928
    Zomboss’ Third in Command  10 months ago

    nate has twitter AND watches family guy? that explains a LOT

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  41. Large dadmightanddeku
    ✨ Texas Smash ✨ (Just flag the scammers) (A.S.A)  10 months ago

    Why, Nate? This is why the internet is full of toxic people. _

    Wouldn’t be the internet without people telling each other to kill themselves, would it?

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  42. 1d79d6a7 9a9d 4fe7 9dc8 e19410dd0a80
    Mandelbrot  10 months ago

    It is my birthday today! (sorry if it is late) Also Chad you trust people if you really trust them.

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  43. Win 20201204 12 32 23 pro
    oakie817  10 months ago

    instead of “dirtbags” should have used “sacks of clay”

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  44. Oip
    @TherealFrancisPope  10 months ago

    Anybody miss me?

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  45. 00cefc6c 3f3a 4a44 b329 f1733e5d7010 4161 0000080c24efa5a2
    prosafeel29  10 months ago


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  46. 00cefc6c 3f3a 4a44 b329 f1733e5d7010 4161 0000080c24efa5a2
    prosafeel29  10 months ago

    Modern answers be like

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  47. Photo
    MatthewMukkala  10 months ago

    Popular kids in this comic are dirtbags, but do not tell people to open a twitter account. That will cause a whole new set of problems.

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  48. 09dea90a6db08766a79ccb4536e34d6f  1
    Infinity Legend  10 months ago

    A twitter account? wow don’t like the sound of that

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  49. Download
    Penguin da Coffee Lover  9 months ago

    Confused’s answer: I’m even more confused now. Thanks “genius”

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