Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for November 21, 2020


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  1. Large francis   teddy carrying nate wright
    Go NFT (POW) Posse! says Happy Thanksgiving!  7 days ago

    Good morning, afternoon and/or night early readers. Have an awesome day!Poll: What is your favorite Big Nate strip? Give us the link for the comic and tell us if it is funny, ironic, or interesting.

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  2. Cul spit
    Spitsy Eustis   7 days ago

    hahah 2nd

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  3. Images
    Space_Owl on GoComics  7 days ago

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night early readers! Holy- where’s the person who guessed this exact scenario would happen?!

    Have a fantastic day!

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  4. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  7 days ago

    I’m pretty sure someone called this yesterday. Nice job to whoever did.

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  5. Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 10.58.40 pm
    M4kh41  7 days ago

    Good morning or afternoon or night, guys!

    I hope you all are doing well. :D

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  6. Aoh14giceswiejjoew0nmvpfsybjmaa  1hgndqlprvkwa=s96 c
    True Space_Owl Fan on GoComics  7 days ago

    I wish everyone a great day! PS, Can the comment section be a little less judgemental today? Just try your best!

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  7. Romanempire
    King of the Fallen Romans  7 days ago

    Good day, humans. Well, Nate, there is one person on your side. We woodchucks have found that taking your lunch money and mixing it with worms makes it good, by the way. Us woodchucks love you(r lunch money)! Perhaps that would help.

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  8. Spitsy screenshot
    SpitsyTheDoge  7 days ago

    Well i am trying to be funny and clever when i say, don’t break the rules, or you’ll look like fools!

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  9. Missing large
    Slayer  7 days ago

    Today is not my birthday

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  10. Missing large
    retrocool  7 days ago

    yes Nate, it’s supposed to hurt.

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  11. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  7 days ago

    Before this comment,I would just like to say that 60% of the people who read my comments are not suscribe,so please press the suscribe button,becuase it really helps the video,and you can always un subscribe later

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  12. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  7 days ago

    Well, today’s the weekend

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  13. 5o1dvvzdinuat o9f9ha056ndclw6vzuy4ytiqw9iv4
    Valsgiving (UwU) ✔️   7 days ago

    At least someone is on your side

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  14. Nd
    Ned Dickens  7 days ago

    Wait, didn’t Nate indirectly say Mr. Galvin was born during World War 2? Eh, close enough..

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  15. Large profile picture  1
    Hey Everyone!  7 days ago

    Hey everyone! Question of the Day or QOTD: Who is your favorite character in the comic Big Nate?

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  16. Bc5c5ab0 2aff 4ec4 9be0 03e07da32999
    Nate™  7 days ago


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  17. Photo
    rey mondia  7 days ago

    It is nice? It was exactly what it should be?

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  18. 64279d2c 612a 41d9 aefe 3a2e2be8571a
    randomepics15  7 days ago

    Nah it’s because Mr Galvin is a 100 year old teacher. And likes boring things…..actually come to think of it, most 90-100 year olds are quite lively. Eg. David Attenborough

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  19. Volt
    VOLTAGE GUY  7 days ago

    oof for big nate

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  20. Aoh14gjmzrr5k4y9lpaxq3j2ar9ipzpmfq35qfelvcg da=s96 c
    VirtueSala  7 days ago

    i’m a little late but thats fine… right?

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  21. Picture
    bignatefantic21  7 days ago

    Who’s here after seeing the reveal of what nate will look like in the nickelodeon cartoon. While it looks interesting, there are a few things that I’m disappointed in. For one, I saw on youtube that nate is supposed to be voiced by jeff bennett. And two, he has brown hair in the show while he has black hair in the strip.

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  22. 61e3defe 8629 436b b5b6 26e824ae5c2c
    Moon Man Is back again  7 days ago

    He should be proud to be the firs to do it.

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  23. 6bz2c53fbyo31
    meeee  7 days ago

    Get this man a featured comment.

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  24. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 7 days ago

    I was stationed at a base that had morning announcements on closed circuit TV. They picked a young lovely to read the announcements figuring that way they would get us to listen. The strange part is that was good thinking which was unlike most command decisions.

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  25. Anime boi
    Wise Quoter  7 days ago

    Looks like ol’fossil face complimented Nate. Congrats. Your reputation is ruined.

    Wise quote of the day: A wise man always knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.

    Have a nice day (✿◡‿◡)

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  26. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  7 days ago

    So….. he appreciates bland?

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  27. Big nate
    classiccomixs  7 days ago

    Next up: Mrs. Godfrey says she likes his announcement. I wonder what Nate would do next…

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  28. Nate wright
    Nate's The Greatest!  7 days ago

    Well, at least Nate got some praise out of this ordeal.

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  29. Grandpa hef
    Jeff0811  7 days ago

    Maybe he should say what he said, just dress it up a little, kind of like Paul Harvey. “And now you know…the rest of the story—-Good-day”. (I know most of you right now are thinking, “Who? What?” Who _is _ this old geezer?) 5 second tag line so you all can hear what I mean:

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  30. Koala
    orbenjawell  7 days ago

    I’m 70 (O’K. it’s out….so sue me!!) and, heck, we remember it that way……….

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  31. 461e5577 b472 42ef aba0 090680fc4a88
    429IC429  7 days ago

    69th comment!!!!!

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  32. Ad98d015 064e 4f4f 893a 1f47fa0d22a2
    Martin Wright  7 days ago

    At least you got someone

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  33. E93b4c9f 4b8e 4c75 81e4 298b2964e02a
    PINK is not imposter!  7 days ago

    Bro cheese lord does not a position

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  34. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 7 days ago

    Finally a teacher able to see the true worth of a student!

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  35. 942bdc8f 35bd 4742 a88f 1673d24841fd 484 000001e58bf1d9a1
    Beast  7 days ago

    I thought teachers had to stop teaching at a certain age.

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  36. D4ba6e20 d79f 451c 9c00 d2cd26da26ff
    LordVoldemort  7 days ago

    Mr.Galvin has really no sense of style. I also never really noticed how small his glasses were.

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  37. Missing large
    ireedcomix  7 days ago

    That was wholesome though, I liked it

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  38. Nateavatar
    BiggerNate91  7 days ago

    I’m ready for this arc to be done

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  39. Aaue7mbr8auois ypvqk8dpxgf7bbxed6xpziye7qy1p
    Videomakingboi!  7 days ago

    Wow. this Teddy REALLY believes he’s just 70, what a Fool.

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  40. Dvincent
    dv1093  7 days ago

    I wish I were still in the classroom at age 70. I’m several years away from that watermark, but was forced into retirement when this pandemic hit and my school closed.

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  41. Missing large
    raybarb44  7 days ago

    I bet more than one person liked his closing……

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  42. Screenshot 2020 09 21 at 8.34.54 am
    justmaiko✔️   7 days ago

    Did you know that you cant breathe underwater

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  43. Nomagram
    COL Crash  7 days ago

    Talk about being the epitome of “Uncool”.

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  44. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 7 days ago

    I’ll bet the math teachers loved it, too!

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  45. Large screen shot 2020 10 18 at 2.58.48 pm
    Happy Halloweon  7 days ago

    Maybe you’ll get a better grade! ^^

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  46. Fisheyes
    GKBOWOOD Premium Member 7 days ago

    HaH! Nate ,my boy, you are well on your way to turning into Hank Hill!!

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  47. Ryan 2
    Ryan Y  7 days ago

    Oldie Face thanked you, KEEP IT UP …even though you absolutely despise it

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  48. 37f8fa71 cc3f 4894 87ab b887f44ac827
    Dumb Smarto says Happy Thanksgiving!  7 days ago

    I agree with Mr. Galvin.

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  49. Untitled
    Nate Wright  7 days ago

    guys chill with the space owl appreciation comments I cant possibly like them all lol

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  50. Missing large
    bobw2012  7 days ago

    Yes Nate, you are destined to be a school teacher.

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  51. F5521a2e e9f7 40b4 86fd 79c8f9f52995
    FlashPlayerWright  7 days ago

    Nate turning from awesome to boring for 10 seconds straight

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  52. Unnamed  2
    Mr A Game  7 days ago

    i thought he was older than 70

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  53. 461e5577 b472 42ef aba0 090680fc4a88
    429IC429  7 days ago


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  54. 461e5577 b472 42ef aba0 090680fc4a88
    429IC429  7 days ago

    I have posted the 69th and 169th comment

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  55. Large tubby
    declberg  7 days ago


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  56. Aoh14giecix8yua2v4sq yjxfk5q0o m 2letycs7rw va=s96 c
    Lilypad270  7 days ago


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  57. Missing large
    Comics Are Life  7 days ago


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  58. Missing large
    Overrated Duck  7 days ago

    Nate’s announcements are like black coffee

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  59. Missing large
    Poodle Day  7 days ago

    Artur is awesome

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  60. Missing large
    gabenoah8  7 days ago

    When that happens, you should feel bad

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  61. Pixel art
    HappyTheApple  6 days ago

    Who am I

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  62. Photo
    Tyrion HamiltonGoodson  6 days ago

    He said he choked.

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  63. Screen shot 2020 06 08 at 4.58.09 pm
  64. 09dea90a6db08766a79ccb4536e34d6f  1
    Infinity Legend  3 days ago


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