Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for October 28, 2020

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    Space_Owl on GoComics   11 months ago

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, and night early readers. I tried kale once. Was like chewing cardboard.

    Have a fantastic day.

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  2. Missing large
    Sci-Fi Fanatic207  11 months ago

    Eating healthy food is important, but it’s also important to make that healthy food taste good. Which is again, why apples would be a better choice.

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  3. Missing large
    80 Year Old Nate   11 months ago

    What’s next? Beets covered with candy corn?

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  4. Missing large
    305buckets  11 months ago

    That is literally the worst thing you can ever hide in a candy, Mr. Wright!

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  5. Missing large
    80 Year Old Nate   11 months ago

    Do they at least have actual candy brands on the outside?

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  6. 1241026091 youve been rickrolled
    Valence (UwU) ✔️   11 months ago

    Everyone is gangsta until you find kale in your candy

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  7. Missing large
    retrocool  11 months ago

    bleah !

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  8. Nd
    Ned Dickens  11 months ago

    Please, no soy nuts!

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  9. Figaro1
    Wilde Bill  11 months ago

    You’re doomed. Marty better start looking for work out of state.

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  10. Bugs
    Grumpy Old Guy  11 months ago

    The fiberglass insulation would have been better….

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  11. Screenshot from 2020 08 10 18 25 17 animation
    Teddy √ Ortiz ✔️  11 months ago

    Wait, so he’s tasted fibreglass insulation before?

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  12. Blitxzerpfp
    ApacheBeamix  11 months ago

    Kale? Oh god. 10 pictures seconds before disaster occurred.

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  13. Missing large
    jpayne4040  11 months ago

    Kale?! I think I’d rather have the Fiberglass Insulation.

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  14. Large img 20201014 130353
    Matthias   11 months ago

    i have a prediction: Nate goes trick or treating,dad hands health food, and when Nate is back, dad didn’t have much luck, and then he will take Nate’s treats all for himself. comment below me if YOU think i’m right.

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  15. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    TheJustinator  11 months ago

    OH NO

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  16. Big nate 2
    Natetheamazing  11 months ago


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  17. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 11 months ago

    Yup! Marty’s loaded, cocked and taking aim…………

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  18. Download  4
    fruitfact 2.O  11 months ago

    GUYS I WAS BANNED FOR NO APPARENT REASON THIS IS MY NEW ACCOUNT YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed yall and i hope to continue to have fun in this comment section! :)

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    ♞нυитєявσу_z♘  11 months ago

    Full of nutrition? Probably yes. But is it tasty though? Definitely not.

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  20. Assassin s creed the ezio collection 5 2
    YK_Ezio  11 months ago

    This guy really likes to have his house egged lmao

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  21. 222222
    Riya_The_Mare  11 months ago

    It gets worse every year. Hope you’re ready for the vandalism, Marty!

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  22. Large images
    Click  11 months ago

    When you want to be one of the first 50 comments, and you have nothing interesting to say:

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  23. 222222
    Riya_The_Mare  11 months ago

    Plot twist:Ellen decides that her and her friends will hand out the candy this year. Once she sees the candy Marty bought, she freaks out, runs tot he store and buys real candy. For the first year, the house doesn’t get vandalized.

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  24. 222222
    Riya_The_Mare  11 months ago

    Also, it’s quite unfair that Marty hands out disgustingness on a stick to “promote healthy eating”, but he has a gut the size of France! He’s obviously not eating healthy…

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  25. Missing large
    david_42  11 months ago

    Chocolate-covered garlic.

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  26. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  11 months ago

    Putting stuff that tastes terrible inside stuff that tastes good is terrible. It’s practically lying if it doesn’t say or show that there are vegetables inside.

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  27. Photo
    rey mondia  11 months ago

    The Health Hut he’s holding looks like a nut!

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    Minecraftman2020  11 months ago

    Wow. Just Wow

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  29. Sprout brawler  1
    plantjudge17   11 months ago

    gotta love the KALE. Marty is supporting plants so WOOHOO

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  30. C05c9a73 c929 433d b3ee 6e9d9e66114c
    Martin Wright  11 months ago


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  31. 8650c220 8e6d 4d68 83ad f022cc1cdcad
    Nate with a Hose  11 months ago

    At least the Wright’s are going to have lots of eggs have they clean up their house

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  32. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member 11 months ago

    I grow a red variety for fall color, wouldn’t eat the stuff. But I am always reminded of one of my favorite comedy routines.

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  33. Large garfield
    CarmineBazile  11 months ago

    You don’t love your son anymore…

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  34. Dvincent
    dv1093  11 months ago

    Heehee, my 18 year old son told me last night that when he went trick-or-treating in years past, he picked out nor ate any Heath Bars. Why? Because he thought it said “Health” Bars, and he thought “yuck” like it was oatmeal or something.

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  35. Large pfp
    Ironically  11 months ago

    Hello people i don’t know reading this strip. Martin Earl Wright (yes EARL is his middle name) When will you learn you give bad candy you get egged If you keep doing this and make a reputation you get egged by your own SON and about 5 hours of cleaning. So which will you chose, get good candy or 5 hours of cleaning the choice is up to you.

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  36. Poop
    Horoscopes are cool  11 months ago

    I think there house will be so stinky that Santa wouldn’t be able to go near there!(from the scent of rotten eggs) P.S. I don’t know if you believe Santa so maybe you agree with me.

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  37. Missing large
    Tkdgator Premium Member 11 months ago

    Nate’s dad is mean to him. He knows Nate wants real candy, not garbage.

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  38. Buccos normal
    VideoPgh1  11 months ago

    Pretty sure kids would not like maple creams made out of actual maple either…

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  39. Aaue7mbr8auois ypvqk8dpxgf7bbxed6xpziye7qy1p
    Videomakingboi!  11 months ago


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  40. Urban lakshmi
    Bucinka  11 months ago

    The worst part is, there is actual good-tasting candy at health food stores. Like actual chocolate. (mmm…Justin’s white chocolate peanut butter cups….) But NOOOOO! Marty had to go and pick that cr@p.

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  41. Img 0065
    Plods with ...™ Premium Member 11 months ago

    …same thing

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  42. Missing large
    80 Year Old Nate   11 months ago

    Love how Marty seems to happy to hear him say that in the last panel

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  43. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member 11 months ago

    Whatever it is; it is probably better than Kombucha.

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  44. Tumblr 6be75502e70499de5af1a1a069753c30 0ac6feda 250
    Runa Yomozuki {merry christmas}✔  11 months ago
    bad candy + kids = Getting egged and taking like..4 or 5 hours to clean up the mess, then add it to trying to eat nates candy that he collected + Always worrying about other kids health but not yours =


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  45. Missing large
    Ƭσxιc﨔  11 months ago

    I’ll just say what I said yesterday: if it’s so great, marty, why don’t YOU try it?

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  46. Dutch
    Dutch Van Der Linde  11 months ago

    Hello, people of GoComics! If you are going trick or treating or going to a party what are you dressing up as?

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  47. Nateshow
    BiggerNate91  11 months ago

    The real hypocritical thing about this is that Dad has been known to try to mooch the Halloween candy that Nate pulls in.

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  48. Poundmaker
    oblivicorn  11 months ago

    That’s just wrong.

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  49. New piskel
    Ehi10  11 months ago

    Does Nates dad never learn his lesson?

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  50. 0cfef5ec c8e5 4bdb ae84 2ffcdeb0d3b3
    GarfieldMN  11 months ago

    Vegetables in smoothies aren’t even noticeable, probably adding veggies to candy isn’t. You probably should have got that low- sugar version candy.

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  51. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  11 months ago

    Everybody:Marty is a fat idiotic hypocrite he sucks omg. Me who thinks that he’s a funny and underrated character:

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  52. Wllyblly
    Wlly Blly  11 months ago
    I might prefer the fiberglass insulation.
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  53. Wallpaper 1828872
    Cubic3D  11 months ago

    I get why Marty wants to buy healthy food. But if you’re gonna buy THAT why not save money and buy nothing.

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  54. 2020 06 25 invisible 14678512
  55. Screenshot 2020 10 26 at 1.34.19 pm
    Captain-Obvious  11 months ago

    Kale is an all-time-low vegetable, especially in Halloween candy

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  56. Missing large
    a non-E mouse  11 months ago

    Kale and maple don’t mix.

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  57. Screen shot 2020 12 11 at 3.27.29 pm
    chbn✔️  11 months ago

    Marty, Marty, Marty…

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  58. Large screen shot 2020 07 30 at 9.13.52 am
    some minecraft addict who used to be a sonic one  11 months ago

    ’Sup, busters? Been away for like 2 months, who would really care anyways?

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  59. Large nate
    NateWrightRockz  11 months ago

    What even is fiberglass insulation

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  60. Photo 0007
    pchemcat  11 months ago

    M-m-m, maple cream, my favorite. It is sacrilegious to taint it with any vegetable, let alone kale!

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  61. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 11 months ago

    Looks like Nate’s dad is trying very hard to become the target of all the children in town.

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  62. 17b6c63c 0643 46cd bf92 3a676a850243
  63. Missing large
    pamela welch Premium Member 11 months ago

    Same difference!

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  64. Missing large
    sid w  11 months ago

    I actually got some veggie snacks online from a health food site. Some were an “acquired taste”, and some were just god-awful.

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  65. 5ff3a99b 790c 451d b5e3 3983db99e1af
    BOBBYBOB  11 months ago

    well moon man is gone is gone

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  66. Picture
    hasani roberts  11 months ago

    who here is planning to dress up as an among us person for halloween

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  67. Aoh14ggg0s42gzmvyhtph24wecev1y robkd2f1t rz qg=s96 c
    LukeRinglein  11 months ago


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  68. 17b6c63c 0643 46cd bf92 3a676a850243
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    OUTeedaCC  11 months ago

    I really don’t know what kale tastes like

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  70. Download  1
    Myshgirl  11 months ago

    Ya I changed mine two mine was Miles Morales before! And yes I like your 2!

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  71. 94f730a0 aa61 4022 a619 468b931e570d
    Piam100  11 months ago

    A comic we all want: Marty buys GOOD CANDY

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  72. 47152
    SAVAG3  11 months ago

    Sorry for promoting but can you guys please subscribe, dont worry its not some cringey fortnite gameplay

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  73. Missing large
    prrdh  11 months ago

    I like kale, but I have to admit that texture-wise, you might confuse them.

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  74. Nate
    N8-orious  11 months ago


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  75. Inkling and octoling
    IanPlaysNintendo  11 months ago

    Who gives out health food as candy? Lol

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  76. Aoh14gjijbex87mijgbjujp77cfpz7ymtzd7skgr2oza=s96 c
    hockey man  6 months ago


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  77. A25e4ee7b22347222b3764ecbe2f2bd3
    ᗩᒪGᑌIEᑎ ᑎOᗰᗷᖇᗩᗪO ᗪEᔕᑕOᑎOᑕIᗪO Eᔕ ᑕᖇIᑎGE.  5 months ago

    What are you gonna do unc mart hand out Soy nuts again?

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